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Women’s World Cup – Football Themed Ideas for Fun Summer Activities

This summer sees the return of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Held every four years, the global tournament pits 32 women’s football teams against each other. In 2019, when the tournament was held last, the USA team lifted the winner’s trophy. This year, the competition takes place in Australia and New Zealand between 20 July and 20 August.

While the international time zones may preclude your residents and staff from watching many matches live, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the achievements of these talented elite footballers and the joy of the beautiful game.

World Cup viewings

Although many of the women’s football matches will take place at inconvenient times for UK audiences, you can still record them or find replays and commentary on a streaming service. Gather your football fans together for an afternoon’s viewing. Serve snacks and drinks and follow the action at a time that suits you – just try and make sure no-one reveals the scores in advance!

There are several ways in which people can join in the fun while the matches are being screened. Hold a sweepstake to see who picks the winning team. Check out the teams and their players online first to learn more about their route to the international tournament. Read up on the history of women’s football to find out about previous World Cup winners, other tournaments and how it fits in with the wider world of football.

Fantasy football

People of all ages can get involved in fantasy football. Imagine you are a manager with every single professional women’s football player at your disposal to put in your dream team. You can choose your team based on players’ previous performances, or pick names at random. As the real-life tournament progresses, you can score each player based on their performance.

Points can be earned for number of matches played in, goals scored or saved, passes and other assists that lead to goals being scored, player of the match accolades awarded and more. At the end of the tournament, add up the scores and see who comes out as the ultimate fantasy football manager. Check out for more details on how to play.

Walking football

Older people, or those with limited mobility may not find it as easy to kick a ball around themselves as they might have done in previous years. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t arrange a football match or two of your own. Walking football is gaining in popularity and even has its own professional body – the Walking Football Association. The sport offers a fun way to help residents keep fitter and enjoy some fresh air and team camaraderie.

As the name would suggest, the sport is very similar to standard football, only players walk instead of run. You are not allowed to run or jog, whether or not you have control of the ball. One foot must be in contact with the floor at all times. It is also classed as a non-contact sport, making it safer and easier to play.

A Question of Sport?

The television quiz, A Question of Sport has been airing since 1970, with current host Paddy McGuinness asking the questions and team captains Ugo Monye and Sam Quek attempting to answer them. Teams are challenged by questions pertaining to all kinds of sports, including men’s and women’s football.

It is easy to set up your own Question of Sport for your residents this month, perhaps pitting them against staff to see who knows more about sports and football. You can find question lists online, as well as video clips and other resources to help you put together a fun sports quiz event. Have medals for the winners, plus a half-time break with snacks and drinks to help keep people’s brains active and competitive spirits high.

32 nations

Finally, why not pay tribute to the 32 qualifying nations who will be playing in the 2023 Women’s World Cup? You could pick a nation per day, or per week if you prefer, and serve themed food and drink, listen to music and watch films from the chosen country. If anyone has any links from the country, or holiday memories, encourage them to share stories and show photographs. You could use Care Vision’s individual resident records feature to help people identify links to different countries and memories etc. You could even invite residents’ friends and family members to join you and share the beautiful game together. Whatever you decide to do to mark the 2023 Women’s World Cup, we hope you have a fantastic summer full of sporting fun and friendship.

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