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Improve Your Billing with Care Vision

As care professionals, we understand the challenges involved in managing residents’ funding, payments and billing, all at the same time. In order to give you a more straightforward way to manage them, we have added a bespoke billing feature to Care Vision. It provides real-time access to accounts and financial information, so that you can see which payments are owed, what’s already been paid and what you need to invoice for.

- Billing
- Billing

Digitise Your Billing System!

You can manage your finances and accounts anywhere and at any time, whether you're at home, at the office or on the go by using our digital billing feature. You can also generate bulk invoices and send reminders for overdue payments with just a few clicks. Save time, streamline your billing operations and make auditing simple and easy.

Key Benefits

Automates your accounting processes.
Debtors reports also available.
Manages credit notes and payee statements with ease.
Easy to reconcile your accounts.

FAQ’s Section

01Why do we need an billing tool?

It can help you manage your finances properly and minimise the risk of human error creeping in when compiling bills and invoices. You can access your billing data any time and from anywhere using your own internet-enabled device

02How does digital billing help in the care sector?

Our invoicing feature helps care home managers and financial teams see what invoices need to be sent out, what bills have already been paid and which payments are still due. Our tool can save a lot of time, streamline your billing tasks and make audits easy at the end.

03Does the care side and accounting side talk to each other?
Yes, within Care Vision, both of these key tools are integrated. So, everything is under one umbrella.