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Person-Centred Care Planning

Whilst admissions and referrals are key elements for the business to be sustained, it is care planning which evidences the approach to care but also is the key indicator of quality when regulators, service users and families are looking at your service.
At care vision we recognise that the term 'person-centred care' has been taken from Tom Kitwood’s studies around this in the late 80s at the university of Bradford.

- Care Planning

Person Led Care

Now this phrase has been overused to the point of people losing the original concept of what Kitwood was establishing. At Care Vision, we believe in ‘Person Led Care. It is the individual that leads their own care and not the convenience of the organisation or those providing care.

Advance Care Planning

Care Planning with Highly Experienced Professionals

The care plan reflects the services approach to looking at each person as an individual and tailoring the way in which we care in line with choices, wishes, and preferences. It needs to be clear and detailed to assist a carer who may be working with that person for the first time.

We need to make sure that we cover and consider regulations as well as being focused on the individual’s preferences and being of culture and life story.

Care Home Management System With Wide Functionality

Sometimes it is the carers themselves who first hand might notice changes or needs in the people we are caring for. If it is only managers and senior staff writing advance care planning, perhaps this is not giving an opportunity for junior staff to fully engage or understand how to care for an individual.

Advance Care Planning

Whilst the care home might get good points from CQC in relation to the care plan content, if there is no ability for the carers to interact and evidence this as part of the process then could be argued that the care plan is just there for show and not for making things better. With our observations and handover modules they work in-hand-in hand with the care planning system of Care Vision. Carers can input electronic daily notes using our icon driven interactions or free text daily notes.

These important notes can also be accessed whilst completing any care plan all on one screen, saving time and making the process more streamlined and simple, but at the same time capturing the nuance of the details that the carers identify.

Pre-planned System for better management

When a new person joins the service one of the most common problems care homes face from compliance and practical perspective is writing the initial support plans. Homes are also required to carry out a pre-admission before the person enters the service. We need to have an aim of plan, identify needs, have plan of action for each aspect of care from mobility to nutrition.

advance care planning

Can your care plan be flexible and adapt to certain situations, do you have the ability to look at other key areas such as current strengths and desired outcomes? We need to reflect the input of the key people involved in the care including the GP and family.

At Care Vision we have streamlined the whole process from the initial enquiry, pre admission and the support plan. We need to ensure reviews are taking place in an easy way to identify any changes and follow up actions. Making this process so simple yet capturing the important detail, but all the time saving time giving us more opportunity to spend and connect with the people we care for.

Easy, Comprehensive and Advance Care Planning System

After researching in great depth the best approaches and seeing what else is available on the electronic care market, we can say with confidence and assurance that Care vison offers the most simple, intelligent and comprehensive care planning system available.  Contact us today to have look through our care builder and to see the level of thought and intelligence we have put into Care Vision Care planning.

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Advance Care Planning
Advance Care Planning

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