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GP Connect

CareVision with GP Connect: Streamlined Resident Care

The NHS number, a unique identifier for every resident in the UK, is now integrated with CareVision through the innovative GP Connect feature. This powerful combination empowers authorised users with secure access to a client's real-time healthcare data. With GP Connect, care home providers can ensure residents receive the best possible care by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

- GP Connect
- GP Connect

Seamless Care Coordination

GP Connect eliminates duplicate data entry by offering a central platform for resident healthcare information. Authorised personnel from both care facilities and healthcare providers have access to this critical data, fostering seamless communication and collaboration that ultimately benefits resident care.

Informed Decisions with Up-to-Date Records

GP Connect empowers caregivers with accurate and complete resident health information. Authorised users can access a detailed summary including medications, allergies, past encounters, and clinical notes. This ensures informed decision-making and minimises errors caused by outdated or inaccurate data.

- GP Connect
- GP Connect

Secure Medication Management

Residents' medication safety is a top priority. GP Connect offers a clear view of current medications, allergies, and potential adverse reactions. This empowers caregivers to administer medications safely and effectively. Additionally, robust data encryption ensures only authorised personnel can access resident information.

Key Benefits

View the personal data of the resident with multiple filters such as date filters

Access the encounters and clinical items in one place for informed decisions

Reduce the risk of medication errors by knowing allergies and adverse reactions.

Only authorised access, and in case of mishaps, legal action will be taken


Why Use GP Connect?

GP Connect offers a real-time view of a resident’s healthcare history, from the initial NHS registration to the present day. This comprehensive record empowers care home staff to collaborate effectively with healthcare providers and ensure residents receive the care they need.

Is My Information Safe with GP Connect?

Absolutely. GP Connect prioritises data security. Only authorised users can access resident information, and access levels are customisable by care facility managers. Furthermore, GP Connect utilises encryption to safeguard sensitive healthcare data.

What Does GP Connect Offer?

GP Connect provides a centralised platform for managing a resident’s healthcare records. Users can access summaries of medical history, manage encounters, analyse clinical data, and review medication and allergy information. Additionally, GP Connect offers access to referral details, immunisation records, and administrative documents.

By integrating GP Connect, CareVision empowers care home providers to deliver exceptional, resident-centred care.