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Care Home Emar Solution

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Our Electronic Medication Solution


In Care Vision, EMAR is an all-rounder feature that helps staff ensure that all medication is administered reliably and effectively. Now, it’s no longer necessary to carry bulky MAR folders, look through messy MAR sheets, or worry about medication stock levels. From dosage information to medication management, EMAR takes care of all manual operations. Now, all MAR records are easily integrated with your preferred pharmacies, giving care homes greater flexibility. Plus, every medicine that appears in our system is NHS-certified.

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EMAR system for the care sector

Traditionally, carers used to keep Medical Administration Records on paper, which was a time-consuming process. They had to make a list of medications provided to the residents, administer medication rounds and keep track of stocks. Now, this entire system is transformed into an electronic system called EMAR that can help fulfill every single task. All dosage information, histories and medication records are kept digitally to ensure the right medicines are given at the right time. Carers can now easily update information regarding dosages and medication while on the go. Even if they forget to change the status of a particular resident’s medication, they can update the status of their medication within 24 hours.

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Automated medication management for care homes

Now, all time-consuming tasks are converted into useful statistical charts and tables which are easy to use and understand. By digitising the whole MAR procedure, carers have access to precise information regarding medications, dosages and administration schedules. In addition, the EMAR system generates alerts and reminders for medication administration times, reducing the risk of missed doses. Our system also means that carers only have to create a current dosage cycle once, and this is automatically generated when the last one has expired . So, carers have more time to devote their time to service users, rather than spending too much time on paperwork and records.

Medical records without medication errors

Moving MARs to an automated system (EMAR) brings plenty of benefits. In particular, the risk of handwritten errors in medication records can be decreased by using EMAR. All information is recorded in a single place, rather than kept on multiple papers that can be misplaced or lost. Our EMAR module gives staff peace of mind, knowing that it offers medication rounds with customised time frames for each service user. It also provides additional information about service users, such as their location, PRN, variable rounds, home remedies, etc. Moreover, this feature also indicates the maximum dosage of each person, which makes it easier for staff to avoid medication errors .

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- E-Mar

Help Streamline Medication Administration

Each staff member in the care sector is aware of the difficulties of administering medication to service users who have a complex range of requirements. The Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) system offers care homes a significant step forwards towards enhancing medication management. Our system not only reduces the risk of errors, but also streamlines administration, improves communication among staff and ultimately leads to better resident care. It even helps manage medicine rounds and medicine expiries, , which makes the system efficient and error-free.

Only Authorised Users Have Access

One more thing that is highly important in our EMAR module is accessibility. We have a controlled authorisation process, which means that only designated staff members have access. So, our service users’ information is kept completely secure and confidential. This can help you gain insights by ensuring that essential data is securely available and quickly updated. With only a few clicks, you can improve efficiency and streamline all of your medications and dosage operations, including  reminders, alerts, etc. Plus, our cloud-based system not only provides security, but it also offers huge digital storage for data and information.

- E-Mar

Our Electronic Medication solution


Electronic control systems for safe and easy practice of administration.

Very simple and easy to use from carers perspective

Reduce the risk of missing medication, safeguard against errors

No long-term contracts and tie ups with equipment suppliers

Improve service and accountability. Head office can track medication administered using real time tools and see missed medication with alerts.

Electronic process administered similarly to care home pharmacy systems; easy to learn for care staff.

Up-to-date and comprehensive information on medication For carers to access with ease at any time

Fully integrated with blister and original packaging administration

Real time audit fully compliant with NICE guidelines

Place order with any pharmacy in relation to monthly medication

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Frequently Asked

01What is EMAR?
An EMAR is also known as an Electronic Medical Administration Record. It is a digital, or electronic version of traditional paper charts detailing the medicines or therapies a care home resident needs to receive. A carer or nurse will typically complete the record after a medicine round or shift when they have dispensed tablets or medication to a resident, or oversee a medical therapy, dressing change or procedure. The EMAR records all information and organises it by resident so that their whole medical record can be brought up at the touch of a button. This helps streamline proceedings and avoid errors.
02What is the difference between MAR and EMAR?
An MAR is also called a Medicine Administration record. It charts all medicines, tablets, therapies etc. that a resident or patient receives as part of their health care. This can include medication for long-term issue, as well; as temporary medicine for infections or short-term concerns. MARs are used to keep records of what has been given, as well as share information between those who need to know, including carers changing shifts, consultants and family members where relevant. An EMAR is an electronic version of the MAR, where everything is inputted into a digital system and stored safely for future retrieval.
03Why is EMAR software important in a care home?
EMAR is a crucial piece of software for any modern care home. Not only does it provide a secure, accurate record of all medications given, diagnoses and medical history, but it can help save time in terms of sharing this information. An EMAR also helps reduce or hopefully eliminate the potential for medication errors to occur, since all details are stored in one place and not on paper charts that can go missing or interpreted incorrectly. A care home can also have a wider view of a resident’s medical condition and how it is being managed under the home’s supervision.
04How does adding eMAR to your health care facility help?

Care facilities like care/nursing homes will benefit from the Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) system because it helps to decrease medication errors, streamline procedures, provide real-time information, generate reminders, ensure accountability and enable data analysis for better care.

05How does EMAR enhance transparency in medication management?

EMAR provides staff with complete transparency into the medicine administration process within their care facility. This allows them to identify any problems that need to be fixed right away, like missing doses, medication errors and spotting inconsistencies in the inventory.

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