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Memos, Meetings, and Minutes

Digitise Memos, Meetings and Minutes with Care Vision!

Nowadays, care managers have a lot to manage. That’s why Care Vision enables users to bring together memos, meetings notes and minutes all in one place. It allows managers and HR teams to easily manage upcoming tasks and meetings so they can have the paperwork they need to hand and will never miss an important event.

- Memos, Meetings, and Minutes
- Memos, Meetings, and Minutes

Upload Files and Images Directly onto the System

You can now attach and upload files and images together with memos and meeting notes to keep all related records together. You can also assign memos and actions from meeting minutes to particular staff or residents. Furthermore, within Care Vision, meeting minutes are documented and time-stamped for easy auditing and retrieval.

Notify Staff

Whenever staff members log in to their devices, they can receive notifications about any important memos or meeting notes that have been added to the system. So, they will always be aware of any upcoming tasks and events.

- Memos, Meetings, and Minutes

Key Benefits

Allows you to record memos and meetings.
Enables you to keep track of everything in one place.
Meeting minutes are time-stamped for auditing and retrieval.
Help managers to keep track of important meetings and events.

FAQ’s Section

01What is the digital memo function on Care Vision used for?
The digital memo function is used to create memos electronically for upcoming meetings and events. In addition, when staff members log in to their devices, they can get notifications to remind them about upcoming meetings or events and help them plan their calendars accordingly.
02What do you mean by Minutes in this module?
Minutes are notes taken at a formal meeting that record what people say, as well as any decisions made or actions agreed. You can record meeting minutes directly in Care Vision to keep a digital record for future use.