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Device Management

Device Security

We are aware of our responsibility to keep data related to those whom you support secure. Our reliable device management solution adds additional layers of security while ensuring that only authorised devices can access Care Vision. This ensures data privacy and a secure network, while minimising the risk of data leakage and theft.

- Device Management
- Device Management

Care Protection App

Care Vision has introduced a care protection app that can help limit what your staff are able to do on linked devices, e.g. unauthorised web surfing, downloading, gaming, socialising, etc. Moreover, to maintain the security and protection of all devices, you can have complete control over those that are used to access Care Vision.

Key Benefits

Manages which devices are allowed to access Care Vision.
Provides an extra layer of security.
Prevents staff from downloading unauthorised external apps.
Minimises the risk of data leakage and theft.

FAQ’s Section

01What’s the role of care protection app in Care Vision?
Our care protection app is installed on the devices that are used for admin and tasks related specifically to care. This app prevents staff using any other app or activity on these devices, such as personal browsing, gaming and more.
02What are the main functions of device management?

In Care Vision, the device management function helps:

  • Provide an extra layer of security for sensitive data.
  • Keep track of each device’s safety.
  • Reduce the risk of data leakages or theft.
  • Provide access to authorised devices only.