IP Address Whitelist

Only Provide Access to Authorised Users.

In Care Vision, you can restrict network access to certain, pre-identified IP addresses. Each employee (or authorised user) shares their IP address with the network administrator, who then adds it to a "whitelist", thus providing secure network access to those who need it.

- IP Address Whitelist
- IP Address Whitelist

Real-Time Authorisation

When the network administrator first adds a new IP address, a code is generated. This is then entered into the system to allow the person to log in to Care Vision. This is a great feature that helps monitor and prevent unauthorised attempts to access to your software.

Key Benefits

Makes your system reliable and secure.
Provides protection against malicious attacks.
Gives access to only selected IPs.
Helps you identify authorised users and grant then access.

FAQ’s Section

01Is IP address whitelisting really necessary to ensure secure access control?
Security can be greatly improved by whitelisting. It vastly reduces the chance of cyber-attacks and unauthorised access attempts by limiting the number of IP addresses that are allowed to log in to the system.
02What is the purpose of a whitelist?
A whitelist is a cybersecurity access protection system that only accepts a specific set of IP addresses, domain names or applications.
03Why is it important to grant access only to particular users?
When dealing with sensitive or confidential data, it is very important to specify which trusted sources are allowed to access your care management system and to identify the IP addresses and devices from which they can work. It provides authorised users access to the network in a secure way and protects the system and data it contains from malicious attacks.