Service User Filing Cabinet

Upload Key Documents into the Filing Cabinet with Ease

A great feature of Care Vision is the service user filing cabinet. In this feature, every resident has their own filing cabinet where the staff can upload important documents related to their health and social care requirements.

- Service User Filing Cabinet
- Service User Filing Cabinet

Find and Access Documents Quickly and Easily

Staff can scan and upload physical documents, as well as add Word and PDF files into the resident’s digital filing cabinet. This keeps everything in one place for easy retrieval when needed. Data is stored securely and confidentially, with access enabled for those who need it.

Key Benefits

Easy to upload and store securely.
Important documents can never be lost.
Easy to locate and access by staff.
No need for physical documents to take up valuable storage space.

FAQ’s Section

01What is the filing cabinet module in Care Vision?
The filing cabinet feature in Care Vision is a digital version of traditional physical storage. You can add and file crucial documents for each resident easily and securely and access them digitally, whenever required.
02What type of documents you can save in the filing cabinet?
You can upload and save documents related to each resident, such as their respect form, personal details, GP notes, medical records, DNACPR instructions and more.
03What are the benefits of this feature?
A digital filing cabinet can save a lot of physical storage space and help you keep and access essential documents all in one place. Plus, critical documents are stored securely and are only accessible to those who need to see them, thus meeting data protection protocols.