Document Expiry Management

Effectively Manage Important Documents!

A crucial administrative task for any organisation is ensuring that key documentation and staff paperwork are up-to-date. Care Vision’s Document Expiry Management feature helps you check on the status of documents so that you can arrange their renewal for staff members as necessary.

- Document Expiry Management
- Document Expiry Management

Keep Documents Updated with Care Vision

Important information related to staff employment, such as ID, Visas, DBS checks, and nursing registration can be saved in one place. This helps you to easily access and check which documents need to be renewed, so you can take appropriate action in good time.

Key Benefits

Keeps digital records of all staff documentation.
Easy and simple dashboard helps users to locate documents.
Prevents unauthorized access to confidential documents.
Documents getting close to their expiry dates get flagged on the HR dashboard.

FAQ’s Section

01How is this feature helpful for care organisations?

A digital document expiry management system can be helpful for the following reasons:

  • Keeps all crucial documents in one place.
  • Gives you control over who accesses what information – and how.
  • Help you keep documents up to date and renewed on
  • Keep you updated on your staff’s documentation status.
02What are the benefits of keeping your documents digitally?

Saving and storing key staff documents helps you in the following ways:

  • Quick and easy access to key documents.
  • Improves data protection and safety.
  • Provides easier collaboration.
  • Ensures a standardised workflow.
  • Saves on the amount of physical space required for archive/storage rooms.
03Do I get reminders for documents that are close to expiry?
When documents get near to their expiry date, a notification will flag up on the HR dashboard. This can be set to appear at 90 days, 28 days, etc. as suits you and your organisation.