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Staff Reporting

Automatic Staff Reporting for the Care Sector

A large section of Care Vision’s software is dedicated to helpful forms and reports, and our staff reporting tool is one such section. Simply select a report from the drop-down menu to view it. You don't have to upload anything manually to the system, because all forms are generated automatically.

- Staff Reporting
- Staff Reporting

Save Precious Time of Care Managers

Care Vision not only helps you supervise your team more closely, but it also enables you to provide your residents with better care. Our quick and simple reporting tools can save you hours of admin time, freeing you up to spend more time caring for your residents.

Key Benefits

Gives care home managers immediate access to essential forms and paperwork.
Improves efficiency of time-consuming tasks.
Quick and easy to use.
Maintains compliance with easy uploading of data and updates.

FAQ’s Section

01How do you make a staff report?
Reports are generated automatically, so you don’t need to manually upload anything. You simply choose a report from the list and then view, download and print it.
02Why is reporting important in a team?
The benefit of team reporting is that it increases people’s overall performance. Team reporting gives you useful information that can help you and other team members fulfill your responsibilities and work together more effectively.