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Best Care Feature for the Care Sector

Care Vision provides several features in an intuitive icon-driven tool, designed to help caregivers deliver excellent care. Our centralised digital feature can help users add and update residents’ data in just a few clicks. It can assist you in managing and organising your care home's operations, as well as send alerts when updates are required, ensuring that your facility remains constantly up-to-date.

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Spend More Time Caring for Your Residents

Daily paperwork takes a lot of time and concentration for both staff and management. Our system allows caregivers of any skill level to switch to digital administration quickly and easily. This helps carers spend less time on admin and more time being with their residents. Moreover, care facilities can provide improved levels of care through the digital streamlining and centralising of their operations.

Save Carers’ Time

Care Vision’s icon-driven app provides a raft of useful features, such as action tags, alerts, offline access, speech-to-text and more. These all help carers record vital information for each resident in just a few clicks. By completing a checklist of required tasks, updates and reports are automatically generated. This helps carers avoid missing anything essential out or providing the wrong information.

- Icon Driven

Key Benefits

Spend less time at the point of care creating care notes.

Increase the accuracy of care notes that are being recorded

Keep comprehensive records of the availability of care and treatment

Benefit from software that is quick and easy for caregivers to grasp

FAQ’s Section

01Can this tool help nurses to make documentation?

Yes, nurses can also use this tool in a nursing home to take care of their patients.

02How does it improve the accuracy of daily notes and documentation?

When carers carry out a specific task for a resident, they simply check the required list of tasks to record that it has been done. In this way, updates about the resident’s care is automatically created. So, carers don’t need to write it up separately after taking care of their resident.

03Do I need my own tablet or smart device to use your app?

Our system runs on any Android device, tablet or desktop. You can use your tablets or phones to use our app and features remotely, 24/7.