Feedback and Survey Module

Electronic Feedback and Survey Module

Care Vision has introduced a feedback and survey module which provides valuable insights regarding staff, residents, family, doctors, etc. Anyone can leave feedback about another person to resolve issues and improve quality of care. This can help identify issues, as well as encourage positive feedback.

- Feedback and Survey Module
- Feedback and Survey Module

Keep a Digital Record of Surveys

Care Vision also offers the ability to create and taker digital surveys. These useful feedback mechanisms capture the voices and opinions of your staff, residents, visitors etc. and help you to provide better care and support. You can also store and access any previously taken surveys to compare results with historical data.

Key Benefits

Keeps track of insights to enhance care services.
Records the opinions of different parties like staff, residents and visitors.
Stores historical feedback and survey results all in one place.
Keeps staff and management updated at all times.

FAQ’s Section

01How can I conduct a good survey for feedback?

Here are some tips that can help you conduct an effective feedback survey:

  • Make sure the survey questions you use are fair and unbiased.
  • Maintain a balanced range of response options.
  • Keep it simple, focusing on one subject at once.
  • Keep the majority of your queries optional.
  • Make sure each of your questions are tailored to your organisation.
02How do your digital surveys and feedback help care organisations?
Our digital feedback surveys can help your care facility to enhance the quality of care services and learn what residents, families, staff etc. think is working well and what could be improved. This will help your care organisation improve over time.
03What are the most important elements to remember while doing a survey?
  • Pre-testing.
  • Data gathering and analysis.
  • Communicating with espondents.
  • Learning from the results.
04Who can give feedback?
Any party can give feedback to another party to help improve a situation or to comment on what it happening. For example, residents can give feedback to the staff – and staff can do the same.