Maintenance Reporting Made Simple

Report maintenance issues that crop up in your care home via the maintenance module in Care Vision. View, assign and organise the priority of maintenance problems, such as water leakages, power failures, etc.

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- Maintenance

Schedule and Customise Tasks

Care Vision provides you with a platform where you can schedule tasks that are needed to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition, you also have the option within Care Vision to customise maintenance tasks according to your home’s requirements.

Maintenance Summary Report

Compile maintenance summary reports that cover anything from general maintenance needs to property damage, task scheduling, etc.) all in one place. You can also save maintenance summary reports in a pdf format to print out as well, if required.

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Key Benefits

Schedule and assign maintenance tasks easily.
Keep a digital record of all maintenance issues.
Easy to view and assign tasks on regular basis.
Customise your maintenance list and reports.


How CareVision Maintenance Feature made Kandel Care Home's Maintenance Manager life easier!


FAQ’s Section

01Why is it important to keep records of maintenance work carried out?
Keeping reports of all maintenance work and repairs that have been completed not only helps you keep track of what areas of your home have been upgraded and when, it also helps you keep control of spending and maintenance budgets.