“Whether you have a 10 bed care home or group of homes with 20000 beds, we have a flexible solution to fit your individual needs of the service. The cost will be more reasonable than you think!”

There are options available, that include supply and support of hardware for android mobile devices, tablets and biometric clock-in (for the rota module). However, if you would like to purchase your own hardware and manage technical issues through your own IT support, then this option is also available.

As care home manager, we are aware of the financial constraints within the current climate, including challenges with recruitment of skilled workforce. Investing in “Care Vision” can be the best decision you make to ensure compliance, improve efficiencies and reduce cost of service.

By using CareVision, you can save up to 2-4 hours per week, per resident in staff hours. That means if you have a care home of 20 residents you can save up to 40-80 staff hours per week, 160-320 staff hours per month. That’s equivalent to 1-2 fulltime staff. 

  • Cost-effective way of ensuring compliance and transparency, with less than a cost of employing a staff members
  • No long-term contracts and tie ups with equipment suppliers
  • Flexible, modular solution, tailor-made to suit your home’s needs
  • Fair-costing strategy that does not punish fluctuations in bed vacancies and staff requirement
  • Social care funding in crisis, everyone needs to make efficiency savings, whilst quality and regulation demands increase - the answer is care vision
  • Works with any android device
  • Options available for renting of devices