Event Reporting

Simplify Your Reporting Process with Care Vision

Care Vision’s digital event reporting system enables care workers to submit reports for events or incidents in a more effective and simple manner. The feature can be easily accessed and helps identify improvement actions to figure out the cause or reason for an event. The platform is highly adaptable and can be configured to your specific organisation’s operations and workflow. It ensures that your event reporting system can remain effective and competent to promote improvement and accountability throughout your integrated healthcare system.

- Event Reporting
- Event Reporting

Data is Accessible Only to Authorised Users

Our reporting system enables your care organisation to improve its event reporting rates efficiently and securely. Using our dedicated event reporting tool helps guarantee that accurate information is being gathered quickly and, above all, confidentially. Only users with permission can access the critical data, which means that individuals involved in the reported event can be dealt with in full privacy, dignity and security.

Protect Your Residents from Future Harm

Protecting residents and staff from harm should always be a top priority for any care home. Finding the underlying reasons for concerning events is, therefore, vital to help reduce and hopefully eliminate concerning occurrences in the future. Care Vision’s software allows you to report any event or incident related to an emergency or medical problem quickly and confidentially. It also helps improve overall risk management throughout the organisation for improved long-term safety and security.

- Event Reporting

Key Benefits

Encourage a culture of improvement and implement meaningful change
Create a bigger picture of the connections between events and audits
Create ownership assignments automatically and ensure complete accountability
Get an organisational and service-level perspective that covers the entire business

FAQ’s Section

01What is event reporting?
Care Vision’s event reporting system allows care providers to report events or incidents quickly and accurately. After an event has taken place, the software produces a report that details what happened, as well as when, where and why the event took place.
02How does event reporting system reduce the risk of incidents?
The future likelihood of similar incidents can be decreased by identifying the underlying causes of events via our event reporting system. Also, reporting incidents and events are beneficial for improved risk management across the board for any organisation.
03What are the benefits of incident reporting in care organisations?
Our event reporting system reduces time and costs by fixing input errors, removing double entries and setting out important data in an easy-to-find way. It can automatically gather, format and transmit all incident data necessary to meet full reporting requirements.
04How can event reporting help your organisation in an emergency?
You can report any event or incident related to any emergency or medical problem very quickly so that action can be taken without delay. This helps you to protect your patients or residents from future harm, as well as provide valuable information to your care organization to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
05How does the software lower overall compliance costs?
Our software can help gradually reduce your overall compliance costs by reducing the time and resources that your team spends gathering evidence and responding to data requests.