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Cloud-Based Security

Protect your Clients’ Data with Care Vision!

Security risks are always evolving and getting more complicated over time. That’s why having a cloud-based security system at your organisation is essential. It offers the highest level of security and protection for your clients’ data. Care Vision includes an Amazon AWS cloud-based security platform, from which users can access data from any location or device with the proper security measures in place.

- Cloud Based Security
- Cloud Based Security

You’re in Safe Hands!

Personal and medical data used in care and nursing homes is extremely important, even when archived, which is why Care Vision considers security to be a top priority. Your residents’ data is secure, and every record you have created for them is protected by AWS security. There’s no need to worry about your important data being lost, leaked or deleted.

Key Benefits

Reliable cloud-based security.
Provides access to data quickly and securely.
Ensures secure access to archived data too.
Helps you track stored data and resources.

FAQ’s Section

01Does cloud computing improve security?
Cloud computing provides many levels of digital security to protect and back up sensitive data. It ensures that everything is protected and always accessible, allowing organisations to perform tasks easily and with confidence.
02Why do we need cloud-based security in an organisation?
Any organisation that needs to secure its applications and data from unauthorised access must prioritise cloud computing security. It ensures that only authorised users can easily and securely access data and allows you to deal with any potential security problems as they occur.
03What are the main advantages of a cloud security system?

: It provides:

  • Unlimited storage for data and applications
  • Backup and recovery
  • Security and protection of data
  • Reduced administrative burden