Training Matrix

Digital Training Matrix for Your Employees

Every organisation needs a training plan for their employees. That’s why Care Vision provides you with a state-of-art digital training matrix that displays all the details of training at a glance. You can also download and print a training matrix with all the required information.

- Training Matrix

Make Training Easier to Plan and Carry Out

Our training matrix module helps you to plan training sessions more easily. See which staff members are attending and what subjects they are going to be covering during the training session. Your staff can also access the tool to find out details about their own training as well.

Key Benefits

Easy to organise and access training plans.
Easily assign training tasks to multiple employees.
User-friendly layout with remote access via smart devices.
Records all training details in one place.

FAQ’s Section

01Why is it important to have a training matrix?
A training matrix’s primary goal is to fill the gap between your employees’ current skill levels and those that need additional training. It can be used to notify management or staff when training is needed to keep care home residents and team members safe.
02How can your tool help in the care sectors?
Almost any care organisation can benefit from our training matrix module. You can use this tool to create more adaptable, qualified employees, ensure safe conditions for your residents and sustain long-term success in your business.
03Which employees would benefit from a training matrix?
Any employee, at any level, can improve from a training matrix; you do not need to concentrate on any particular skills, levels or certificates.