Message Centre

How Does the Message Centre Work?

Thanks to the Care Vision message centre, you can send and receive internal messages via a laptop or smart device like a phone or tablet. You can send messages in bulk to various departments or individuals too. The function is especially useful for sending out information about staff training, appraisals, rota changes and more. Your staff can be kept updated with crucial or new information at all times.

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Attendance tracking software

In pre-digital days, care home staff routinely used manual clock-in systems and signing in sheets to record their comings and goings. Not only was this cumbersome and time consuming, it was also open to abuse and misunderstandings. Switching to a digital clocking in system removes the ambiguity and produces an accurate, central record for attendance management, payroll and security functions. Using attendance tracking software also helps people to analyse patterns in staff movements and timings of shifts. This enables more effective planning to be put in place and helps management to spot any problems or concerns before they become more serious.

Facial recognition software for clocking in

Our attendance tracking and clocking-in software uses the latest in facial recognition software to record staff movement at the start and end of shifts. This limits physical contact with the clocking-in device to aid hygiene management and eliminate cross infection. It also does away with the need for staff to keep electronic fobs on them at all times that can be lost or stolen. The tracking software also links directly to HR functionality that monitors attendance, breaktimes, sickness and lateness. The facial recognition software for staff clocking in works separately to visitor entry procedures, making the process quick and easy.

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Check the Status of Messages and Send Attachments

Through our message centre, you can attach images or files along with your message and forward messages if required. In addition, you can check ‘read receipts’ to see who has opened your message and when.

Create a Priority Message

If you need staff to read an important message right away, the message centre enables you to create a priority message. After sending this out to staff, a pop-up will appear on their screens to alert them to the message and the need to read it and respond right away.

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Key Benefits

Keeps staff updated with new information.
Allows you to see when a message has been read and by whom.
Sends bulk messages to different departments.
Includes priority function to alert recipients to important or time-sensitive messages.

FAQ’s Section

01Can I send important messages from any device?
Yes! You can send and receive messages to your staff via a laptop or any Android tablet or Android mobile phone. You can send key information while in the office, at home or on the go.
02Can I check which staff members have seen messages?
You can check the status of the message that you have sent to staff members at any point after pressing ‘send’. Our feature allows you to see the date, time and name(s) of the staff member(s) who have opened the message.
03How does this feature benefit care organisations?
This feature can help your care organisation keep staff updated with the information they need to do their jobs. So, staff members can always be aware of their responsibilities and changes in routine that will affect how they do their jobs.