Staff App

Plan Staff Holidays and Rotas

In our Staff App, staff can check and update their leave entitlement on their own handheld devices whenever they like. Check how much annual leave you have left and review your monthly shifts rota to help you plan ahead and find out when you are needed at work and when you are able to take holidays.

- Staff App
- Staff App

Message Centre in Staff App

Care Vision provides a dedicated Message Centre as part of its Staff App function. Staff can view important messages sent to them from admin or head office. This means they can be aware of their responsibilities and actions, as well as any last-minute changes or updates.

Key Benefits

Instant overview of staff leave and annual holiday entitlements.
Provides updates for rota and shift planning.
Shows important messages immediately.
Provides a user-friendly platform for staff and managers alike.

FAQ’s Section

01How does your staff app work?
Our Staff App shows employees their leave entitlement, rota and shift planning and important messages at a glance. This app can only be accessed by staff and admin, ensuring total confidentiality.
02Why do we need Staff App?
You can provide your team with individualized, up-to-date and important messages to help them carry out their duties. Our app also helps employees check how much annual leave they have remaining and add requests for leave in advance.
03Can I see my shifts in this Staff App?
Yes, you can access your monthly rota schedule, which keeps you informed about the days and timings of your shifts.
04Can staff request leave via a Care Vision staff app?
Staff can use the app to put in requests for annual leave. Requests go directly to the admin office where they are approved or denied as appropriate.