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Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

When a care organisation acquires an asset, it can take a lot of time to manage the details manually, such as receipts, issue date, warranty etc. That’s why Care Vision has introduced its Asset Management module which makes it simple for organisations to keep track of their assets in a structured, efficient way.

- Asset Management
- Asset Management

Keep Track of All Your Assets Digitally

Now, you can keep a record of the details of every asset in a digital format. Manage multiple assets in one place and save their receipts, warranty and details around purchase date, quantity, supplier and more. If you run more than one care home, you can also have access to the director dashboard within Care Vision for even easier asset management.

Key Benefits

Digital asset management at your fingertips.
Multiple homes can sends to one central place which can then be approved or denied.
Upload important documents like receipts and order forms straight away.
Easily access all asset details via one platform..

FAQ’s Section

01What is asset management?
Asset management is the name given to recording, updating and auditing the details of assets that have been purchased to help you run your care home.
02Is it easy to manage assets in a care home?
While it is hard to manage assets and their details manually, Care Vision has created a digital alternative to make it easier for managers and HR to keep a record of the details of each asset owned, e.g. warranty details, receipts, etc.