Service User Enquiry

Initial Enquiry Process

Care Vision’s comprehensive service user enquiry module allows you to add all the details from an initial enquiry onto the system straight away. The same information can then be used during the new resident’s pre-admission assessment to avoid any duplication of work.

- Service User Enquiry

Attendance tracking software

In pre-digital days, care home staff routinely used manual clock-in systems and signing in sheets to record their comings and goings. Not only was this cumbersome and time consuming, it was also open to abuse and misunderstandings. Switching to a digital clocking in system removes the ambiguity and produces an accurate, central record for attendance management, payroll and security functions. Using attendance tracking software also helps people to analyse patterns in staff movements and timings of shifts. This enables more effective planning to be put in place and helps management to spot any problems or concerns before they become more serious.

Facial recognition software for clocking in

Our attendance tracking and clocking-in software uses the latest in facial recognition software to record staff movement at the start and end of shifts. This limits physical contact with the clocking-in device to aid hygiene management and eliminate cross infection. It also does away with the need for staff to keep electronic fobs on them at all times that can be lost or stolen. The tracking software also links directly to HR functionality that monitors attendance, breaktimes, sickness and lateness. The facial recognition software for staff clocking in works separately to visitor entry procedures, making the process quick and easy.

- Service User Enquiry

What is a Pre-Admission Assessment?

Our software streamlines the pre-admission assessment process, making it easier for your team to add new residents’ details to the system. From medical history to specific care requirements, you can record all necessary information under the relevant headings.

Generate Support Care Plans

All the information that you enter into a pre-admission assessment is used to generate Support Care plans , meaning that when the resident moves into your care home, their care plans are already in place.

- Service User Enquiry

Key Benefits

Monitor how long staff are taking to respond to enquiries.

Generate reports of how many service user enquiries you have had.

Auto-generate care plans  from pre-admission details.

Enhance efficiency, accuracy and communication.

FAQ’s Section

01What happens after the service user enquiry is completed?

Once the user enquiry is completed, staff can evaluate the information gathered and decide what actions are necessary for that specific service user to best meet their needs and preferences.

02Is the information provided during the service user enquiry kept confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is of utmost importance. We’re GDPR compliant.

03What information is typically collected during a service user enquiry?

During a service user enquiry, typical information collected includes personal details such as full name, date of birth, address, next of kin and medical history.

04Can you generate reports from service user enquiries?

You can generate detailed reports such as the number of enquiries received per month, number of enquiries actioned, total enquiries converted, etc.