Service User of the Day

Nominate Your Service User of the Day

Staff can use this feature to name any care home residents ‘Service User of the Day’. It can help you look after your resident in an enhanced manner for a set period of time. In this way, a resident can enjoy feeling cared for and singled out for attention on their special day.

- Service User of the Day
- Service User of the Day

Provide an Overview of the Assistance

While choosing a resident, you can access support care plans, assessments and much more. The feature gives you an overview of specific treatments or appointments that need to take place on any particular day. Moreover, you can also record any other special instructions in the comments section.

Key Benefits

Help provide special treatment to one or more individual residents.
Enable staff to look after a resident in an enhanced way.
Help make residents feel special and cared for.
Maintain records of special care and assistance.

FAQ’s Section

01Why is the Service User of the Day feature needed?
This feature is used to choose any person from residents and give them special attention and care for a set period of time. This can make the chosen person feel motivated and cared for, which can lift the spirits and support improved mental and physical health.
02What features are included in Service User of the Day?
There are many features included in the Service User of the Day tool. For example, the ability to link to data around a resident’s personal care and hygiene, sleep and awake diary, preferred activities, and much more. This all can be helpful information for care staff to use to make the chosen resident feel comfortable and to tailor the activities and approach to their special day.
03Can you provide these services to multiple residents at the same time?
Yes, this service can be extended to multiple residents at the same time.