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Outcomes and Milestones

Our Outcomes and Milestones

Care Vision’s outcomes and milestones function helps care home managers to better support people they are caring for. Chart outcomes and milestones using our intuitive planning software.

- Outcomes and Milestones
- Outcomes and Milestones

Create Multiple Milestones for Every Outcome

You can set multiple milestones for every individual outcome required for each resident. For instance, you can set a series of milestones to help a resident regain mobility, reporting on their progress and updating comments and treatment plans and outcomes as required.

Key Benefits

Helps you provide quality care and support.
Preserves records in an organised way.
Sets multiple milestones for each outcome to monitor resident’s progress.
Updates milestones and outcomes from handheld devices.

FAQ’s Section

01How are milestones used in health and social care?
Milestones are used to evaluate whether someone has reached a particular goal that has been set for them.
01What are some examples of milestones?
Some examples of milestones in the context of health and social care could include the ability stand or take a few steps, get dressed with or without help and how well someone react s to physiotherapy. It could even be the ability to start cooking again to be more independent.
01How does your software help in outcomes and milestones?
Care Vision helps carers free up time to work directly with residents and the people they support by reducing paperwork and manual admin. This then allows care staff to set more effective outcomes and milestones that will help improve people’s recovery and rehabilitation rates.