Offline Access

Now Staff Can Have Offline Access to Care Vision

Our Care Vision app enables your staff to have offline access to its various records, features and tools. Even if the internet goes down or there are service failures at your care facility, your employees can continue to deliver top quality care and record it while on the go, thanks to our offline functionality.

- Offline Access
- Offline Access

Save and Update Crucial Information During Offline Access

Care Vision’s offline access feature can record crucial information around the care of residents, without having to connect to the internet. When you are connected to the internet once more, everything that you have input is automatically saved and updated.

Key Benefits

Keep accurate, timely records even without the internet.
No need to delay initial assessments or crucial care reporting.
System updates automatically when internet access is restored
Update records offline to ensure compliance and accurate reporting.

FAQ’s Section

01What is offline access?
Even when you aren’t connected to your network or have no access to the Internet, offline access enables you to view and input data on your mobile device.
02How do I access files offline?
Just as you access a resident’s file and review or input data when you have internet access, the system works in exactly the same way when you are only able to work offline.
03How do I enable offline access?
You don’t need to enable any function for offline access. When the internet is not available, our feature will automatically switch over to give you offline access to all your data on a tablet or mobile device.