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Introducing Care Vision

Care Vision is a cloud-based Care Management system designed by care providers for care providers.

The many types of tasks and departments that share space under your one roof should also share one integrated system. From prescriptions and therapies to food prep, housekeeping, health & safety, HR and family visits.

Our Outstanding Modules

  • Designed from a user-friendly care perspective.
  • Enter daily notes at the point of service with but a few taps.
  • Use QR codes to evidence completed tasks and presence.
  • Manage care plans and assessments in one flow.
  • Simple and easy to use EMAR interface.
  • Real-time audits that are fully compliant with NICE guidelines.
  • Order medication direct to the pharmacy.
  • Safeguards against medication errors.
ROTA & Attendance
  • Use our clocking-in machine to accurately record attendance.
  • Save time and stress because staff hours are automatically counted.
  • Build your rotas quickly and to each staff members' targets.
  • Easily approve and track annual leave records.
Visitors Book
  • Fully paperless, GDPR compliant, and includes visitor surveys.
  • Generate QR codes for lightning-fast signing in or out.
  • A real-time headcount of visitors in case of emergency.
  • Search tools to easily survey your signing records.
  • Designed from the carer’s perspective.
  • Easy to use, enter daily notes without typing in a few simple clicks.
  • Speech to text. QR codes to evidence presence.
  • Complete care plans and assessments in one flow.
  • No long-term contracts and tie ups with equipment supply.
  • Fully integrated with blister and original packaging administration.
  • Real time audit fully compliant with NICE guidelines.
  • Detailed Information on each medication and ability to safeguard against errors.
  • Ensures presence and promotes good timekeeping for staff.
  • Rota builder.
  • Attendance and Annual leave record.
  • Facilitates transparency for families.
  • Involve family in care aspects set by the home.
  • Share media.
  • Book upcoming activities and treatments.
  • Evidences communication and updates.

Care Interactions

At the point of service

Traditionally, carers worked in a task-orientated manner to meet paperwork requirements as opposed to those of the service user. Daily notes would only be written at the end of the shift which would be inaccurate as a result of the time difference. Little things like handwriting and poor grammar were often obstacles in the way of ensuring the smooth running of the service.

With Care Vision's phone app; daily notes, health statistics, and many more can be made at the point of service in just a few taps. Notes can be made in mere seconds, but it doesn't stop there. Care Vision's interactions feature many accessibility options such as QR codes, text-to-speech, and translation tools; making Care Vision a fantastic tool for the modern-day carer.

Cut down paperwork time and focus instead on caring; build trust with families and regulators; improve the quality of your care; choose Care Vision.

  • We are care operators too

    We respond to CQC and legislation changes faster than any other CMS provider because Care Vision is managed by an experienced care service provider. An example of this is our COVID-19 tracker module, developed during the pandemic in order to assist in dealing with Local Authority and public health matters. Even our support team have experience in care.

  • Introducing our Temperature Tracker

    Our wall-mounted Thermal Imaging Temperature Tracker gives an accurate measurement of a person’s temperature in less than a second and within 0.2°C. It’s contact-free, operator-free, and can allow you to facilitate distancing measures for all incoming individuals to your service.

  • Infection control tools that can be COVID-response funded

    Care Vision is the only care management software provider with a CQC compliant housekeeping & infection control module. Onboard with this module and you will be in a position to claim the cost back via your COVID fund!


The carers have taken to Care Vision like a duck to water and the information that they are gathering is streets ahead of the previous system we used… we are very impressed and the customer service is outstanding. The support department of Care Vision is always on hand to sort out any issues, their knowledge is outstanding and they make it easy to understand – nothing is every any trouble. I highly recommend taking a look at this system if you are wanting to meet your quality standards and CQC requirements.

Charlie Mason Registered manager and director of Summerhayes Care

I have worked as a carer for over 20 years and for the most of that time we had to keep hand-written paper records for all our residents. If an accident happened, we would have to complete an accident form, update the family, the management, make records in daily notes and the communication book… all this took up lots of time and sometimes the rest of the staff wouldn’t even read the communication book! Now we’re using Care Vision everything changed, for starters I spend just about half the time writing records. It let me spend more time with my residents and I do think I’ve given them a better…

Susan Brown Senior Carer at Oatlands Care Home

We all know running a care home is really challenging. For me, keeping staff in check and ensuring that they are actually doing the work they say they’re doing used to be a big problem. With Care Vision I can see how much the carers are doing on the floors and its easier to see if records like night checks are being falsified. Its taken away a lot of the stress we used to get from doing paperwork and handover is a lot easier now. I feel like we definitely have more time on our hands for the residents.

Hannah McKenzie Care Home Manager at Homelands Care LLP

As a clinician I have found Care Vision an invaluable resource to improve patient care. When reviewing patients on my care home rounds – using Care Vision – I have been able to easily access their care data as well their medication administration record all from one source. This not only enables the clinical team to gain a better holistic perspective of the patients current health status, but also for this to be done in a more efficient manner. Additionally, I have found that since the implementation of care vision it has raised standards within the care home as it allows the nursing staff & carers to more easily enter…

Dr Sandeep Kapur GP at Trinity Medical Centre

After looking at all the other software options available, our team decided to move to Care Vision. Not only has it made my life easier as an owner and Registered Manager, but also from a carer’s perspective. It has transformed the way they work. Writing more accurate and detailed notes, but having more time to care for the people we look after.

Sylvianne Hockey Registered Manager of RGN

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