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Policies, Procedure and E-Filing

Organise Your Policies and Documents Electronically

In Care Vision, your policies and procedures can be uploaded as pdf files for staff to be able to access and read easily and immediately. All policies and procedures are stored securely in the e-filing cabinet, along with the associated read receipts.

- Policies, Procedure and E-Filing

Attendance tracking software

In pre-digital days, care home staff routinely used manual clock-in systems and signing in sheets to record their comings and goings. Not only was this cumbersome and time consuming, it was also open to abuse and misunderstandings. Switching to a digital clocking in system removes the ambiguity and produces an accurate, central record for attendance management, payroll and security functions. Using attendance tracking software also helps people to analyse patterns in staff movements and timings of shifts. This enables more effective planning to be put in place and helps management to spot any problems or concerns before they become more serious.

Facial recognition software for clocking in

Our attendance tracking and clocking-in software uses the latest in facial recognition software to record staff movement at the start and end of shifts. This limits physical contact with the clocking-in device to aid hygiene management and eliminate cross infection. It also does away with the need for staff to keep electronic fobs on them at all times that can be lost or stolen. The tracking software also links directly to HR functionality that monitors attendance, breaktimes, sickness and lateness. The facial recognition software for staff clocking in works separately to visitor entry procedures, making the process quick and easy.

- Policies, Procedure and E-Filing

Upload, Assign and Secure Digital Documents

Our digital filing system enables you to convert your physical documents into digital ones, thanks to the secure file management tool. You can view, upload and assign your digital policies and documents directly through Care Vision. This can help save hours of manual admin, updates and documentation.

E-Filing Cabinet

Our e-filing cabinet operates via cloud-based storage to create, save and share digital files with ease. It acts as a secure central database that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, through laptops or mobile phones. It helps ensure your care home’s compliance with regulatory authorities and makes auditing easy by organising all your crucial policies and documents in one place.

- Policies, Procedure and E-Filing

Key Benefits

Saves hours of manual updates and admin.
Secures your essential documents.
Easy to locate and assign.
Acts as a central hub for all policy management and compliance.

FAQ’s Section

01What is the purpose of a digital filing system in an organisation?
The main purpose of our digital filing system is that you can store and access all your crucial policies and documents in one place. Our digital filing system provides cloud-based storage that offers easy access and gives complete security for all documents.
02Can I access the e-filing cabinet from a mobile phone?
Yes! You can access the e-filing cabinet from your mobile phone. You can also view, update, and share digital files with others (by using e-filing cabinet) who have access to the same system.