ABC Chart

ABC Charts, “An Observation Tool”

Using the ABC chart tool within Care Vision enables staff to record information about a resident’s particular behaviour. This feature helps staff to understand resident’s behaviour in a proficient way. Staff can create a detailed ABC form in no time at all, while keeping electronic records secure in our cloud-based software.

Three Distinct Sections ABC chart

Attendance tracking software

In pre-digital days, care home staff routinely used manual clock-in systems and signing in sheets to record their comings and goings. Not only was this cumbersome and time consuming, it was also open to abuse and misunderstandings. Switching to a digital clocking in system removes the ambiguity and produces an accurate, central record for attendance management, payroll and security functions. Using attendance tracking software also helps people to analyse patterns in staff movements and timings of shifts. This enables more effective planning to be put in place and helps management to spot any problems or concerns before they become more serious.

Facial recognition software for clocking in

Our attendance tracking and clocking-in software uses the latest in facial recognition software to record staff movement at the start and end of shifts. This limits physical contact with the clocking-in device to aid hygiene management and eliminate cross infection. It also does away with the need for staff to keep electronic fobs on them at all times that can be lost or stolen. The tracking software also links directly to HR functionality that monitors attendance, breaktimes, sickness and lateness. The facial recognition software for staff clocking in works separately to visitor entry procedures, making the process quick and easy.

- ABC Chart

Three Distinct Sections

Care Vision provides three distinct sections to an ABC chart. Section A refers to ‘Antecedent’; section B is about ‘Behaviour’ and section C focuses on ‘Consequence’. All these sections have their own tiles so that relevant information can be added under each heading and nothing goes into the wrong section. The process is self-explanatory, which helps staff record everything in the appropriate sections quickly and easily.

Easy to Use and Update

Our ABC chart is straightforward to use. Simply select different tiles according to the behaviour of the resident and the system will automatically generate detailed notes while maintaining a record of that particular person. If a staff member needs to write custom text or add notes at a later date, they can do so.

- ABC Chart

Key Benefits

Easy to record behavioural changes.
Keep track of residents’ challenging behaviour.
Simple to monitor and make follow-up observations.
Help staff understand their residents better.

FAQ’s Section

01What does ABC chart stand for?
‘A’ refers to an antecedent, ‘B’ refers to behavioural, and ‘C’ refers to consequence.
02What is the benefit of an ABC chart in the healthcare sector?
In the healthcare sector, an ABC chart is a helpful tool for observation that enables staff to record details about specific behaviours and challenges related to residents.
03When / what time of day are changes in behaviour most likely to occur?
Behavioural changes can occur in older and vulnerable residents at any time of day or night. Challenging behaviour reactions and types are also completely dependent on the situation or the incident.