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Audit Management

Improve Your Audit System with Care Vision

Care Vision’s Audit Management system can help automate and streamline your entire audit process. Team members can easily create, implement, and maintain audits on a single platform by using smart devices or laptops. Our software solution allows you to digitise your audit processes, provide a complete picture of your compliance activities and identify gaps to reduce your organisation's overall risk.

- Audit Management
- Audit Management

Better Visibility Promotes Better Performance

With the Care Vision audit system, you can customise your audit creation and management with our easy-to-use audit templates. Auditing and compliance requirements can be met and recorded in order to satisfy the required specifications of internal standards. You can also access past audit records and reports to help you identify previous issues of concern and take effective steps for improvement. This allows organisations to benefit from improved performance and customer satisfaction, leading to strong, continuous growth.

Maintain Compliance

Having a comprehensive planning approach is essential for compliance with industry and regulatory requirements. Knowing where the gaps are in the auditing process is the first step in managing risks. Care Vision can help you organise and record data, and carry out internal assessments in order to maintain audit and inspection status. You can automate even the most complicated audit by using our efficient data capture and comprehensive strategic planning capabilities.

- Audit Management

Key Benefits

Complete audits easily and reduce paper-based records by going digital

Meet the highest regulatory standards to ensure ongoing excellence in care

Automatically assign actions and areas of responsibility

Make the compliance process both visible and accountable

FAQ’s Section

01How does Care Vision’s audit management system help care sectors?

Care Vision’s audit system helps care staff create, implement and maintain all of their audits in one place, quickly and easily. Our effective data collection and complete strategic planning capabilities enable you to automate even the most complex audit process.

02Is Care Vision helpful to maintain regulatory standards?

Care Vision’s care management system is highly beneficial to maintaining a care organisation’s regulatory standards. It can assist you in maintaining inspection status and passing audits with flying colours by organising and recording data, conducting internal audits and much more.

03Is it easy to produce real-time reports using this software?

It is very simple to produce real-time reports using our comprehensive audit management software and to present summary detail data for a dashboard display chart.

04Does your system facilitates with internal auditing?

Thanks to our digital internal auditing set-up, you can carry out complex auditing with just a few simple steps. It facilitates process automation and allows auditors to make changes if needed while running the system.

05Can you create custom audits and forms?

Yes you can construct and design your own audits with ease. You can save templates and recall for action whenever needed. This gives uses the ultimate flexibility to design and tailor audits to suits the organisations requirements.