Workforce Compliance

Comprehensive Workforce Compliance Solution

Care Vision’s workforce compliance system is an innovative, efficient solution to help organisations track and manage employee licences and certificates via primary source verification. It focuses on managing all of your employee compliance needs, information and records in a single, shared database file. The system enables your compliance team to implement and operate the best practices and regulations at every level across your organisations.

- Workforce Compliance
- Workforce Compliance

Manage Compliance Requirements

Care Vision digitises the entire workforce compliance process and helps healthcare organisations reduce their manual work. Our advanced system allows custom policies and makes it easier to coordinate workforce systems with legal requirements because of its highly flexible capabilities. It can help customise, monitor, evaluate, supervise and track your employees' training too. Care Vision’s software fulfils your compliance needs to guarantee that your team is fully competent and compliant with all legal and industry-led requirements.

Improved Workforce Productivity

Our workforce management system allows you to handle time and attendance policies more effectively while reducing manual operations. The productivity of the entire workforce increases as a result of better visibility, worker availability and safety events. Your workforce's overall productivity will increase and managers can ensure that staffing requirements are met. The system also ensures that quick decisions can be made if circumstances change, adding to the safety of those under your care.

- Workforce Compliance

Key Benefits

Gain a real-time, instant picture of the progress of your workforce
Make sure the team remains totally competent and compliant.
Evidence-based policy checks and training
Everything you need to comply in one place

FAQ’s Section

01What is workforce compliance management software?
Workforce compliance management software provides an affordable solution for employers seeking to ensure that their teams remain complaint and effective. For example, it helps track and manage employee licences and certifications automatically by using primary source verifications.
02What are the benefits of workforce compliance for employers?
A workforce compliance system helps you to proactively manage employees’ compliance requirements. As well as tracking certifications, it keeps key HR documents and data in one standard system of records shared by managers, employees and operations staff as required.
03How does workforce compliance improve efficiency?
Workforce compliance improves efficiency by managing, tracking and verifying employment data in real-time across your organisation. It helps you generate time-stamped and digitally-signed documents, demonstrating compliance in the events of lawsuits, disputes and claims.
04How to enforce/ensure a workforce compliance system?

A workforce compliance system can be enforced by adopting or implementing the following elements:

  • Comprehensive workforce compliance training
  • Implementing an effective workforce compliance system
  • Establishing communication modes between administration and employees
  • Consistently reviewing and evaluating policies
  • Reporting annual risk valuation
05 How does workforce compliance improve workplace productivity?
A workforce compliance system improves workplace productivity by allowing you to manage time and attendance policies digitally and cut down on manual admin tasks. Additionally, productivity can be improved by being able to access real-time data on worker certification, availability and safety events for a better understanding of what is happening within the organisation at any time.