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Speech to Text

Take and Save Notes Quickly and Easily

Care workers can speak directly into their handheld devices and see their words turn into text, thanks to Care Vision speech-to-text feature. It’s an easy and useful way to record daily notes and other vital information quickly and easily. This feature reduces the need to write down laborious long notes and helps you ensure correct spelling and comprehension.

- Speech to Text

Attendance tracking software

In pre-digital days, care home staff routinely used manual clock-in systems and signing in sheets to record their comings and goings. Not only was this cumbersome and time consuming, it was also open to abuse and misunderstandings. Switching to a digital clocking in system removes the ambiguity and produces an accurate, central record for attendance management, payroll and security functions. Using attendance tracking software also helps people to analyse patterns in staff movements and timings of shifts. This enables more effective planning to be put in place and helps management to spot any problems or concerns before they become more serious.

Facial recognition software for clocking in

Our attendance tracking and clocking-in software uses the latest in facial recognition software to record staff movement at the start and end of shifts. This limits physical contact with the clocking-in device to aid hygiene management and eliminate cross infection. It also does away with the need for staff to keep electronic fobs on them at all times that can be lost or stolen. The tracking software also links directly to HR functionality that monitors attendance, breaktimes, sickness and lateness. The facial recognition software for staff clocking in works separately to visitor entry procedures, making the process quick and easy.

- Speech to Text

Save Professionals’ Time

We all know that care professionals don’t always have the time to write down detailed notes. Care Vision allows them to dictate what they need to say via a microphone and easily record details of a resident’s condition quickly and accurately. Moreover, every note is editable, allowing you to update them according to your requirements.

Translate from Your Spoken Mother Tongue into English Text

Care Vision has additional functionality to support carers who speak different languages. If English is not your first language, you can dictate your notes in your own mother tongue. Care Vision will translate what you say into written English text.


Key Benefits

Minimises the chances of errors creeping into written notes.
Accessible from any device with a microphone and internet connection.
Saves time by avoiding having to write detailed notes.
Translates your mother language into English text.

FAQ’s Section

01How can I use this feature?
When you want to save a note about a resident’s health status, for example, all you need to do is hold your device up to your mouth and speak into the microphone. Care Vision’s software does the rest, converting your spoken notes into written text in real-time.
02What if I make a mistake while dictating a note?
No problem! Our notes are editable. You can go back into a specific note and fix your mistake quickly and easily.
03What are the benefits of speech-to-text feature in the care sector?
Being able to speak directly into your device to record notes is a very helpful feature because it cuts out the need to spend ages writing down detailed notes. You simply speak into the microphone and our feature automatically converts that voice note into text. So, it saves a lot of time for care staff and other professionals like nurses and doctors.
04Can I use this tool in my native language?
Definitely! You can select the language and dictate in your mother tongue. Care Vision will then translate what you say into written English.