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Welcome to the Care Vision Advent Calendar!

In many households, the start of December heralds the arrival of the Advent calendar. This fun family tradition counts down the days until Christmas Day, with a new offering available every day for the 24 days between 1 December and Christmas Eve. Here at Care Vision, we’re keen to join in the fun, so here is our own Advent calendar of reasons why switching to our care management software will ensure a very happy 2023.

1) Reduce the amount of paper around the site – transfer functions such as visitor’s book, medication records and handover notes to digital software to cut down on paper and maintain a tidier workspace.

2) Electronic visitor’s book – when visitors sign in and out of the care home electronically, it creates a lasting record of their visit and helps you keep accurate records for auditing purposes.

3) Confidentiality – cloud-based software offers enhanced security protection for sensitive and personal data thanks to encryption features, password control and other restrictions to prevent unauthorised access.

4) Planning meals and nutrition – a number of functions on Care Visions are based around ensuring that residents receive balanced, nutritious meals and snacks.

5) Anywhere, anytime! – Thanks  to the cloud, Care Vision can be accessed remotely on any internet enabled device, 24/7. Access when you need it for real-time planning and updating.

6) eMARelectronic medication management eliminates drug dosage mistakes, provides clear, unequivocal reporting and acts as a trustworthy record of all medications given to residents, where, when and by whom.

7) Activity planner – Get 2023 off to an amazing start by planning some fun events, day trips and activities for your residents to enjoy. Use the system to plan staffing, order supplies and pay for entertainment, transport and more.

8) Time to spare? Care managers rarely complain of having too much time on their hands. Care Vision’s automated functions simplify time-consuming admin tasks while freeing you up to spend time with your residents.

9) Staff rotas and shift management – plan employee rotas and share them with staff so they can flag up any issues, double bookings or concerns. Staff can let managers know their availability via the system too.

10) Fluid monitoring – make sure residents are drinking enough fluids to stay healthy and well this winter. Use our software to check their intake against recommended levels and plan interventions as required.

11) Nurse Call – give residents the gift of reassurance this Christmas with Care Vision’s Nurse Call function. Medical help and nursing support at the press of a button.

12) Have a compliant Christmas – rely on Care Vision to provide accurate, comprehensive data and reports for audits, compliance and regulatory paperwork.

13) Family liaison – keep your residents’ loved ones in touch and feeling part of the team with our electronic visitor signing-in book, family feedback tool and event planning software.

14) Clouds of room – the more data that can be saved to the cloud, the less space a busy care home needs for filing cabinets, servers and other bulky storage.

15) Happy housekeeping – from supplies procurement to creating task lists and more, make housekeeping a breeze with Care Vision’s care management software

16) Risk assessments – keep residents and staff safer with Care Vision’s comprehensive risk management feature. Keep on track with this vital area of care management with checklists, guidelines and customisable planning tools.

17) Weight loss management – calculate residents’ MUST scores to assess who is vulnerable to unwanted weight loss and create a tailored weight loss management plan, all in one place.

18) Handover help – handover notes made by one carer at the end of their shift for the next one coming on duty are crucial for quality care and support. Keep yours accurate, timely and understandable by going digital in 2023.

19) Falls prevention – winter is a dangerous season for falls and injuries, whether outside in frosty conditions or indoors by tripping over wires or loose rugs. Care Vision’s fall prevention functionality can help reduce these risks.

20) Annual leave calculator – As we get close to Christmas, many people start to plan their holidays for 2023. Be better prepared with Care Vision’s annual leave calculator and staff rota planning tools.

21) Share and share alike – the cloud allows all authorised staff members to access, update and share information in real-time from wherever they are. Easy, rapid sharing for better collaboration and support.

22) Person-led care – a key focus for 2022 has been person-led care. Care Vision’s customisable personal recordkeeping and treatment planning enables this crucial focus to continue.

23) Easy interface – Care Vision is easy to use and quick to learn, even if English is not your first language. Full instructions are provided, along with a helpline if you get stuck or have any queries.

24) Support into 2023 and beyond – as Christmas Eve arrives and care homes prepare for the big day tomorrow, they can feel reassured that Care Vision’s expert support will continue into 2023 and beyond.

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