Seven cool ways to use Care Vision that you maybe haven’t thought of before

Care Vision is a comprehensive digital care management system that brings with it all the tools that a busy care home manager needs to run their facility. From eMAR and nutrition monitoring features to electronic visitor books, staff clocking in and rota management, the day-to-day needs of staff and residents can be met quickly, easily and accurately.

All of the above is not news to the many satisfied customers we are honoured to welcome as part of the Care Vision family. However, even the most seasoned user may not have explored absolutely everything that this versatile system has to offer. Here are seven other cool ways that Care Vision can help streamline admin, improve care standards and enhance quality of life at the care home for staff, residents and their family members alike.

Body maps

Care Vision’s body map feature makes diagnosing pains and other physical conditions easier to handle. A carer takes a photo of the affected body part and uploads it – safely and confidentially – to the Care Vision system. A list of potential issues and insights then appears, which can be used to try and diagnose the problem. Diagnostic details are then uploaded at the point of care to relevant carers and professionals for easier information sharing and treatment.

Service user of the day

Everyone loves special attention from time to time. Care Vision’s service user of the day function enables carers to select a resident to enjoy enhanced attention, for example on their birthday or the anniversary of their move into the care home. The feature links to the person’s stated likes and dislikes, so that activities, meals etc. can be tailored to their own individual preferences.

Professional notes

Carers must take a lot of written notes and observations about the residents under their care. However, the same can be said about the professionals visiting them. The issues come when different sets of notes don’t get filed together, so the whole team is unable to see what each member has been doing or recommending. Care Vision’s professional notes feature allows visiting medical consultants, therapists, doctors etc to add their own notes to the same system as the in-house carers. Meaning that nothing is left out or filed in the wrong place.

Outcomes and milestones

Care Vision enables care staff to set up milestones for their residents to support recovery from illnesses, help people regain mobility after surgery, improve emotional or mental health and track the treatment of long-term conditions. As the resident progresses, outcomes can be added to the feature. This can help people become more independent and provides an accurate, comprehensive record for carers of their journey towards better health or recovery.

Staff reporting

Alongside Care Vision’s multiple tools designed to support residents, there is plenty to help staff with admin, HR, training and more. The staff reporting tool aims to provide staff with a one-stop-shop to create, update and file reports around their care duties and the progress of residents. This cuts down hugely on time needed to fill in paper-based forms and provides an accurate record for all staff involved in a person’s care to check on updates.

Message centre

Care home staff can use Care Vision to send messages to each other via a laptop or smart device. They can be sent out in bulk to the whole team, or just to one or two individuals. This stops people’s email and text inboxes from getting clogged up and keeps all messages in one easy place. You can send attachments too, as well as check ‘read receipts’ to make sure colleagues have seen your message – and when they opened it. Urgent messages can be flagged as such to get colleagues’ attention right away.

Online training and tutorial videos

While the Care Vision team has endeavoured to make the system as easy as possible to use, there are bound to be areas where a little extra training support will make a huge difference. Staff can view a series of training videos and tutorials online to help them get the very best use out of the care management system. Videos can be watched at any time, using any internet-enabled device. Care Vision staff are also on hand to answer any questions not answered by the videos.

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