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New Year’s Resolutions for Care Home Managers and Staff

A new year often brings with it renewed determination to improve the things we are unsatisfied with in our daily and working lives. Stopping unhealthy habits, taking up new interests and making changes that help us become more organised are all popular options for New Year’s resolutions. In the care sector, all of these things can bring about real, positive change if they are adhered to and built upon.

So, why not take time this month to plan a set of New Year’s resolutions for your own care home? After the increased activity levels around Christmas, it can be therapeutic to book in some time for quiet reflection on what you would like to do in 2023 for the benefit of your care home and its residents and staff. Here are six ideas to consider.

Go digital

More and more care homes across the country are switching to a digital care management software system, If you have yet to make the move, this could be the perfect time for it. The Government is very keen on supporting care homes and other social care settings to change from manual systems and paperwork to digital solutions. You could be eligible for funding support from them to help you take the plunge. (LINK)

Get moving

Exercise is good for all of us – however old we are. Caring can be highly demanding, physical work. So, making sure that you and your team are as fit as possible makes sense, both from a personal and commercial point of view. Try and schedule exercise and fitness initiatives into your daily routines – perhaps encouraging the team to go for a walk together during lunchtime or looking into paying for gym membership locally. Can you introduce fitness sessions for your care home residents too, so they can join in the New Year health drive?

Fresh coat of paint?

While the winter weather conditions don’t always lend themselves to external DIY or decorating, there is nothing stopping you having a look round at the care home’s buildings and facilities to see if anything needs repairing, replacing or upgrading. Put any jobs that you consider to be more pressing into the budget plans now, so that they can get done as quickly as possible. Indoor jobs, such as painting rooms, deep cleans, decluttering or fixing broken light fittings, dripping taps etc. can be done now, ready for the spring.

Out and about

A highlight for many residents of their time living in a care home is the trips and outings that are laid on for them. These can also be highly rewarding for the staff that accompany them. Seeing new places, watching live theatre, sport or music and getting involved in crafts and new adventures are all things that can inspire and enrich us all. So, make event and activity planning a priority in 2023 and look out for new ideas and fresh fun to enjoy as a group. In addition, enjoyable outings can help the team bond and feel valued in their work, so don’t forget to add a few staff-only events and trips into the budget and plan to help boost morale.

Training and development

Speaking of making staff feel valued, January is an ideal time to assess what training needs exist within your team. Starting a new year with a plan for helping people develop their skills and boost their confidence is a great idea. Training can cover a wide range of areas, from compliance, management and admin skills to manual lifting, health and safety and food and hygiene qualifications. Find out what your team wants and needs in terms of training and book some course – ASAP!

Go green

Finally, the green agenda is on everyone’s lips right now. Working more sustainably, reducing carbon footprints and switching to renewable energy sources are all  highly laudable goals to work towards in 2023. You can take bigger steps, such as installing solar panels on the roof or switching to a heat pump system. Or look at smaller changes at first, such as redoubling efforts to recycle as much as possible, switching over to LED light bulbs and turning off electric appliances at the mains when it is bedtime.

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