Last-Minute Ideas for Celebrating Easter in Your Care Home

The clocks going forward recently has brought about a change in the mood, as longer daylight hours and improved weather herald the arrival of Spring. What’s more Easter is upon us, with all the joys that it brings around renewed hope, deepened faith, Spring flowers and, of course, delicious treats to eat.

Doubtless, you and your care home teams have been planning fun activities, themed meals and treats and beautiful floral decorations for some time now. However, if you are stuck for extras to add to the festive feeling, or are keen to carry the Easter mood on into the coming days and weeks, read on for some last-minute ideas.

Flower power

Pretty Spring blooms arranged in a vase, flowing garlands wrapped around the bannisters or delicate posies for each resident’s bedside table. Ways to bring flowers indoors are almost endless at this time of year. Get your residents involved by holding a flower arranging afternoon. Provide plenty of greenery, flowers, moss and florist wire and let imaginations run wild. You could lay out some floristry magazines or go online for inspiration. How about introducing a theme, such as Easter, British countryside or yellows and pinks for added interest?

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Pardon the pun – it’s almost inevitable at this time of year – but there are many different ways to have some egg-cellent fun with eggs over Easter and in the weeks that follow after. For some of your more active residents, you could organise an egg hunt either in the garden or indoors. Get out the paints and craft supplies for people to decorate hard boiled eggs one afternoon, or break open the sweets and chocolate to let people create their own edible creations. Other ideas include making an Easter garden in a shallow container, such as a saucepan lid or tray, using foliage and bits from the garden. Or holding a floral themed painting or pottery class.

The meaning of Easter

Remind people of the meaning behind the celebration of Easter with an organised presentation of music, poetry, readings and reflection. You could ask the local church to lead or attend the event. Or, if people are keen, arrange a trip to a nearby church to attend a service or Spring concert. Residents may wish to write their own reflections or reminiscences around Easters they have enjoyed in previous years and read them out, or write out their favourite Bible verses and pin them to a notice board for others to share.

Afternoon tea

The pastel colours that are associated with Easter can look enchanting when included in an afternoon tea set-up. Lay tables with pink, yellow or green tableware and serve Easter biscuits, cakes and tea and coffee one afternoon. Make some egg sandwiches, or provide cheese and biscuits to add a savoury element to the spread. You could invite friends and families to join you for this most traditional of British Spring past-times. Cheers!

Post-Easter baking

While home baking is an activity that can be enjoyed ahead of the Easter weekend to make cakes, hot cross buns and biscuits, it can also take place after the main event as a way to use up any uneaten chocolate. There are all kinds of recipes that use chocolate in them that are quick and simple to do. Suggestions include chocolate crispy cakes, fridge cake, chocolate mousse and choc chip cookies. Or melt the chocolate down and add some hot milk, whipped cream and marshmallows to make a rich, indulgent hot chocolate. You could package up any biscuits or cakes you make to hand out to visitors or local groups if you don’t want to eat them all yourselves.

Easter bingo

The great thing about activities like quizzes and bingo is that they can be adapted to suit pretty much any theme you like. So, why not plan an Easter-themed quiz and bingo afternoon? Give away Easter eggs or cakes as prizes and have a round or two of Easter or Spring themed questions for people to answer in teams. Some residents may enjoy putting the questions or bingo cards together for others to answer and use. Or, print out some Easter themes crosswords, logic puzzles, word searches etc. from the internet. Hand them out for people wanting a little time quietly sitting and testing out the little grey cells.

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