Interview: Review by We Care Group after 18 Months of Care Vision Usage

Q) How you started?

Care Vision has been a part of We Care Group for the last 18 months. We have used electronic care planning systems in many of our homes for a number of years but after seeing Care Vision we knew this would take our care planning process from good to outstanding.

Q) What’s your Review after using Care Vision?

Care Vision has been rolled out across our group and is now in 75% of our homes. From the initial contact with Care Vision, the ongoing communication has been fantastic and responsiveness from the whole team has been second to none.

Q) Tell Us About Your Training Sessions?

The face-to-face training has been embraced by all our homes and Rishi and Abdullah are able to connect with all staff, having the ability to explain the system in such a way that engages and excites people. The ‘after care’ following the training has also been invaluable, from further training on specific subjects, general day to day questions and queries or review and support calls – the team are always on hand to help.

Q) What Benefits You Are Getting So Far?

Our care teams are able to maintain care records contemporaneously due to the user-friendly app, whilst adding in extra detail and person-centred information that paper based records didn’t support. Our homes have noticed a significant increase in the amount of time they have to spend with residents since transitioning to Care Vision, overall improving resident experience, relationships, and well-being.

Q) What Makes Care Vision Different from Others?

Care Vision has been made by care providers, for care providers, and this is absolutely evident throughout the system. This, along with the Care Vision team continuously updating and adapting the system to meet the needs of the people using it, and the residents, makes Care Vision stand out from other electronic care planning systems. They really do go the extra mile, with the resident always at the centre of Care Vision.

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