How ICS digital transformation funding can help you move to a digital care management system provider?

The Adult Social Care Transformation Fund is an initiative run by the Digitising Social Care Team – part of the NHS Transformation Directorate. The fund has been set up to support the Government’s stated goal of seeing at least 80% (hopefully rising to 100%) of all CQC registered adult social care providers switch over to digitised social care records by March 2024.

Many organisations have already made the move, recognising for themselves how digital transformation can radically enhance quality of care and safety for residents and patients receiving care-related services. Information and data relating to their individual care can be stored confidentially online and easily retrieved as needed. This helps keep all parties involved in a person’s care aware and up-to-date with all relevant care needs and preferences. Resulting in the right level of care being given at the right time, by the most suitable care providers – with a much-reduced risk of errors or oversights.

NHS Transformation Directorate has pledged £25 million to fund this initiative as part of a three-year programme. It will enable integrated care systems (ICS) to scale up numbers using digital care management software. Additionally, it will encourage wider use of assistive technologies like falls prevention tools, fluid intake records and weight loss monitoring.

Why and how to access funding

- How ICS digital transformation funding can help you move to a digital care management system provider?

If you are still using paper records, funds will support you in investing digitally for the first time. It can seem daunting to move what could be many, many years’ worth of records to another system, not to mention expensive. That’s why this ICS funding has been made available – to help bear the initial costs. Once new systems are up and running, care providers should very quickly start to see tangible benefits to making the move in terms of cost, time and effort.

So, the next questions many care providers are asking are where and how can they access this funding to support a transition from paper-based records to digital care management software? Funds have been distributed already to the 42 ICSs across England. They are then responsible for ensuring the most responsible, effective way of forwarding funds to care providers who can benefit from them.

If you are a CQC registered adult social care provider, you can apply to your local ICS for support in the form of a grant. Grants typically represent 50% of the cost of an annual licence fee for an approved digital care management system. There is no hard and fast deadline before which care providers should apply for funding; however, the money is not infinite, so early applications are advised in order to secure a suitable grant.

Care Vision – an approved NHSX supplier

- How ICS digital transformation funding can help you move to a digital care management system provider?

Care Vision has been assured by NHSX as an approved supplier of digitised social care records, joining experienced care services providers who have extensive knowledge of supporting those working on the front line of social care. To be accepted onto the approved suppliers list, organisations must pass strict quality testing protocols and selection criteria, judged against national core capability standards.

Care Vision’s software has everything you need to make the switch over from paper-based records to digital software, in time to meet the Government’s Digitising Social Care Records targets in 2024. Features range from eMAR, meal planning, to HR and payroll, rota planning and electronic visitors’ book. It is geared up to support residents and the families, as well as care staff, external medical professionals and administration teams in the day-to-day running of a busy care home.

Customer support and training can be provided to give users confidence and peace of mind during the changeover from paper to digital record keeping and care management. Our team is also on hand at every stage of the process to answer any questions and ease the transition as much as possible. If you would like help in identifying your local ICS contact, starting the process of applying for funding or finding out more about what Care Vision can offer your care home, we would be delighted to be of assistance.

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