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How to Handle Care Home HR and Payroll Digitally?

A key part of any care home manager’s jobs list is looking after the care home HR. Knowing who you have on your payroll, their pay and the shifts or hours they are contracted to deliver. All of this is vital to keep staff happy and operations running smoothly. Increasingly, care homes are discovering the many advantages of going for digital HR and care home payroll functions.

Modern IT and cloud-based storage is allowing greater flexibility for care home operations than ever before. Companies of all sizes can benefits from digital HR and Payroll.

Why Choose Digital HR and Digital Payroll for Your Care Home?

Using IT for your payroll and HR records and systems enables your care home to automate its admin and operational processes. This helps to cut down on the work required as it streamlines record-keeping and staff management.

digital HR

1· Accurate Record-Keeping

You can see payroll, staff working hours and other key information immediately and correct any errors as you spot them. It is also easier to search for information you need or generate reports at the touch of a button.

Using a digital care home HR and payroll programme also helps with staffing issues around recruitment, holidays and assessments. Accurate records can be kept in case they are needed for an employment tribunal, for example. You can keep track of staff members’ sick leave, training schedules and leave requests more easily.

2· Employee Satisfaction

Care home employees can also benefit hugely from their place of work implementing digital HR and payroll software. Wages and salaries are less likely to be delayed or miscalculated through human error. Salary slips and other HR paperwork can be printed out easily. Leave requests and changes to shifts or working hours can be approved quickly.

digital payroll

The care home manager will also have more time free to talk to you about any ideas or concerns if they no longer have so much manual paperwork. Digital care home HR systems also make it easier to look after staff across multiple locations. For example, if a company operates more than one care home in different towns or areas of the country.

3· Time Better Spent

The less time care home managers need to spend on their HR and payroll admin, the more freedom they will also have for future planning. They can also spend longer talking to residents and their families and getting to know the care home community. Problems can be addressed more easily if the care home manager isn’t tied up with essential HR admin and reporting the whole time.

Also, once an investment has been made in a digital care home HR system, the company will see cost savings. These savings will come in the shape of needing fewer people to handle paperwork and less time spent on HR admin. It should also be easier to comply with employment, tax and legal requirements, as data can be pulled from the system very easily and provided in the correct format for immediate review.

4. Secure, Protected Data

As with any business, care homes must adhere to GDPR legislation that protects personal details of staff, residents and other key stakeholders. Using a password-protected, secure digital HR and payroll system adds an extra layer of security. Gone are the days of paper records lying around or cumbersome filing cabinets that must be locked at all times.

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Digital data is securely stored and can only be accessed by authorised people with genuine reasons for looking at it. Data is stored on a secure cloud-based storage system. This enables those allowed to access it to do so from anywhere they like. Thereby cutting down on travel time and speeding up HR and payroll reporting processes.

5· Future-Proof Your Care Home

As technology develops, interactive tools such as AI and predictive software will become commonplace. Getting to grips with digital HR and digital payroll systems now will help prepare your care home team. It will enable them to take advantage of more sophisticated IT systems as they become available. This will help you to carry on managing your care home using all available tools and technology.

Digital HR systems can also collect and analyse employee data. This can help you work out where you may have staffing gaps, or how to make better use of your current employees’ talents and time. Finally, it helps you to identify where your present HR processes are not working, or could be tweaked for even greater efficiency.

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