Case Study: Summerhayes Care Home, Experience with Care Vision

Q) Why did you Choose Care Vision?

Ans. We chose Care Vision as it offered the whole home management package in a way that other competitors couldn’t offer.

Q) Tell Us about your Interaction with Care Vision Team

Ans. Rishi and his team without hesitation travelled from London to Devon to demonstrate their system to us. We loved it instantly as it not only captured residents’ care plans and data in a staff friendly way, but it also provided us with a complete home management tool including E mar.

Q) Tell us about your experience while using Care Vision

Ans. The modules are endless from maintenance and housekeeping to accounts and rota planning all streamlined into a well laid out desktop. We have had the system now for three years and still love it. We are amazed at how much time it saves the staff and the management team due to its easy use.

Q) Is Care Vision up to date with your current needs?

Ans. New developments made in the time we have been using the system have all been relevant and appropriate to the current climate including COVID 19 management and we would recommend it to any Care setting who want to be at the top of their game and satisfy the requirements of the Care Quality Commission. The tech team are genius at being able to solve any problems and are instantaneous in their response to requests for help. The new training videos are a god send for training up new staff and refreshing existing staff on areas that they have forgotten.

Q) Do you think Care Vision has helped you to enhance quality care?

Ans. We regularly have positive feedback about the information that we can now provide to other health and social care professionals including doctors at the hospital and our CQC inspector.

Q) How does Care Vision affects staff performance?

Ans. Our staff enjoy seeing monthly if they are at the top of the leader board in terms of their performance and we use this to award staff and boost morale within the team to have a bit of fun. Thank you, Care Vision

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