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Care Vision Joins Forces with PainChek® to Support Pain Assessment

Care Vision is delighted to be joining forces with PainChek®, the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for assessing pain. PainChek® integrates seamlessly with Care Vision’s care management software, providing an intuitive, customisable and easy-to-use method of assessing people’s pain levels and symptoms via AI technology.

PainChek® works via a smart phone camera scanning the person’s face. The system uses the image to identify any signs of pain that are present, such as facial expressions or muscle movements. The carer can add data from their own observations, for example around vocalisations or behaviour, and the system then produces an overall pain score. This helps people who cannot articulate their pain to receive the right help and provides a means for documenting pain scores for those who are able to self-report, or whose ability to do so fluctuates.

Evidence stored helps inform medical treatment plans and supports various administrative and clinical tasks, such as updating residents’ records, liaising with external health professionals and monitoring medication. What’s more, the details captured by PainChek® are automatically updated across the whole Care Vision system, eliminating the need for double-handling data. Alerts can be set to remind care staff to carry out PainChek® assessments and the tool can be accessed remotely on smart devices, directly linked to the Care Vision system.

James Matthias, Global Product Manager for Integration Partnerships at PainChek® says: “Through the combined strengths of PainChek®’s accurate, objective assessments and detailed reporting, and Care Vision’s powerful alerts system and charting, we can ensure that our mutual clients’ pain management processes are driven by best practice principles end-to-end.”

Rishi Jawaheer, CEO at Care Vision adds: “PainChek® assessments are seamlessly brought into the Care Vision workflow, making things so easy for carers on the front line and providing the opportunity to record individual and comprehensive detail at the point of care. We know that this integration is going to be a game changer for the way in which we care for people.”

PainChek® is currently contracted to more than 1,500 care facilities for older people, with more than 1,300,000 digital pain assessments conducted to date by nurses, carers and clinicians worldwide.

To mark the new partnership between Care Vision and PainChek®, existing and new Pain Chek® customers can enjoy a three-month free subscription to Care Vision’s digital care management system. Find out more by contacting Attia Khaleeque at

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