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Care Vision and Arquella Collaboration for efficient Care Delivery

Arquella’s AIDA Assist is a second-generation nurse call system- that is built to work invisibly with other healthcare technologies. It’s a cloud-based system that is designed to improve the efficacy of care delivery and the simplicity & accuracy of care documentation.

This is the first collaboration of Care Vision with Arquella. By integrating both systems, Care Vision is creating a digital environment to increase the effectiveness of care delivery using these assistive technologies to handle patients and emergencies.

It’s a credit to the development skills of the Care Vision team that the Care Vision/Arquella collaborated in a way that allows nurse call alerts to be displayed even when the caregiver is using the Care Vision app. We find it to be the first one in the industry. Working with Arquella has been great because both organisations have the same perspective on how to maximise the benefits of this integration for care teams.

This is the first automatic attesting nurse call alerts and responses that Care Vision has embedded as an additional qualitative feature of care clicks information, However, it’s incredibly exciting to think about how far we can progress integration in the future.

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