9 Essential Care Home Softwares for Managers

We as humans like things simple. So, why use different software for different tasks when you can have everything in one place? With Care Vision, you’ll be getting all-in-one care home software with many features in it. Whilst connecting different staff members and operating through one software from the care management system to the chef and to the family. With only using the software that most applies to you.

How to Choose the Right Care Home Management Software? 

There are many care home software out there for us to choose from. However, it can get overwhelming when choosing due to there being so many offering similar solutions. This will guide and help you understand the different user-friendly features of care home software needed for your care sector.

Effortless Auto-Generating Accounts System 

Accounting is proven to be a difficult task when it comes to payments and invoices, using many different forms for one task. Through the usage of the account features in the care home software, it will make it easier for businesses to send out invoices by auto-generating.

care home administration - use of laptop for paperwork- care home software

Along with being able to send out late payment reminders the software provides a template, including templates for other important letters that are needed. 

  • Able to log real time receipts of outstanding balance.
  • Able to combine other accounts packages e.g. Sage, Quid Books and Zero.

Admin Management Solution: More Care, Less Paperwork 

Care Vision provides an easy way for care, saves the number of hours that go into admin paperwork. With this care home software, it gives the ability for health care professionals to be able to help out more with their patience and be there for them longer because the time spent on admin paperwork has now been reduced significantly.  

care home software - doing the work of admin

In addition, all the policies and procedures are stored within the Care Vision Cloud.

  • Complete communication with patients’ relatives, GPs and social workers 
  • Ability to create a virtual version of Care and generate unique QR code in order to verify presence through the Care Home Builder.

Facial Biometric Clocking in System for limited Contact

- 9 Essential Care Home Softwares for Managers

Facial biometric is “a technology capable of identifying or verifying a subject through an image, video or any audiovisual element” of the face.  As a result of this technology, it has become one of the most growing ways for companies to identify individuals.

Care Vision has used this feature as a way for staff to sign in for shifts in order to avoid sign-in sheets to support the Covid restrictions plans of limiting contact. As well as allowing employers to keep track of break times, absences and lateness. Subsequently, making it easier to be within schedule.

Family App: Stay Connected With Your Family

Being in nursing homes and residential care can sometimes get lonely as people tend to miss their families. This is why our care home software has a family app that allows service users and relatives to keep in contact and communicate. Also, beneficial as it’s monitored by reception or admin as well as having control over what is shared and restoring the evidence of the communication.

- 9 Essential Care Home Softwares for Managers

It also allows families to interact with the care home by giving feedback and suggestions.

  • Daily notes to keep up to date with the patient’s condition.
  • Having a shared social media in the app .

Housekeeping Management: Keep Your Maintenance a Little Simpler   

By using the housekeeping service, it contains a unique QR code for each area to help report issues and prove when completed.  Also, contains a camera section if the work is completed or to show maintenance issues within the care homes.

care home health and safety -cleaning
  • The housekeeping app and a module keeps the team members connected.
  • Creating a cleaning schedule that induces prompts and reminders.

Order Your Favorite Food: Quality Foods for Healthy Diet

Another essential feature of care home software is the Chef solution and now it is straightforward to simply order healthy food options that are customized to the patient’s diets and requirements. The use of images, allows the user to see the choices that are available for them.

care home software - Chef solutions

Good care plans and care planning is essential for the patient and their families because it gives them a good indication of what they are working towards. The result of the chef solution is that it provides information such as the salt level within the food to the patient and other diet-related information.

  • Able to record fridge temperature checks for food safety.
  • Able to track BMI and bowling movement and sleeping harts with relation to the food choices during the day.

HR Solution: Detailed Profiles, Minimal Time Required

This feature of care home software is able to keep up to date with training using an Electronic training Matrix and keeping records and evidence to keep track. It includes a record of employee data and improvements to keep track of. 

- 9 Essential Care Home Softwares for Managers
  • Provides easy accessibility of employees electronically however, it is protected through a permission system before access. 
  • Cloud library space to store tutorial and training videos.

Staff Shift Management Solution: Manage Your Time 

Furthermore, with the Care Vision ROTA, it makes it easier for staff to track their current schedule and make easy and quick changes in regards to their shifts, and be notified of any clashes as a result. For example, in regards to the staff app, staff are able to make requests and book holidays.

care home software - Rota management

Planning for holidays has never been easier, now with good care home software it will be easy to manage to nurse whilst also finding a good holiday destination.

  • Life report of those who have not reported to work or have come late.
  • Linked with payroll packages including exports.

Visitor Book: Digital Visitor log 

Finally, the visitor book is a quick and easy system for people to use with features such as large text fonts being available to make information easier to read. Including a QR code for regular visitors and health professions to save time. In addition, providing live headcounts of people that are in the building in case of an emergency.  For the security and privacy of visitors, the digital log displays a visitor policy and e-sign to where the person would need to sign.

- 9 Essential Care Home Softwares for Managers
  • Able to write reviews by visitors on suggestions, compliments and complaints

Why should We Choose an All-In-One Care Home Software Package?

Our CareVision software with electronic care plans provides ease, stability, and accuracy. We want to make your job simpler by giving you the care that you’ve been providing. So, this digital care software will remove unwanted obstacles that don’t support those in need. 

Using these essential features of our care home software helps with daily tasks for service users, staff, and family to have an easier time. Spending less time on tasks and more focus on caring for those in need is what we are trying to achieve. The importance of having care home software is that it makes it less stressful for those around us. Book a demo now!

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