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Care Apps for Care Planning Process

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- Care Apps for Care Planning Process
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Care Vision offers a comprehensive digital care management solution for all your administrative and logistical requirements. Data is securely stored in one place, easily retrievable from the Cloud whenever you need it. Care Vision can act as a digital record-keeping resource, as well as a secure visitor sign-in facility, staff rota management system, medical tracking and dietary planning tool. The system has been designed by care professionals who know what a busy care home needs, and how best to lay the information out for easy retrieval.

Care Vision is a cloud-based, digital care management system, designed specifically for care providers. It was created by care providers who were able to bring many years of experience and knowledge to ensure the system offers exactly what is needed to support day-to-day, frontline care. Care Vision brings together multiple care functions, such as medications and prescriptions, therapies, food prep, housekeeping, family liaison, visiting and HR. This enables information to be accessed more easily to streamline and manage care needs more effectively. Paperwork is reduced and time freed up to allow carers to spend more time looking after their residents.

Specialised care app with multiple solutions

Care Vision is a specialised care management app that has been developed by care professionals. As such, the system is designed to offer an intuitive, interactive care management programme to encompass all major areas of residential and social care. From visitor management to medication tracking; staff rota scheduling to health and safety, Care Vision can help busy care home managers stay on top of all admin and keep their residents and staff safe and on track with what they are supposed to be doing at any time.

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Smart care tracking for Elders

Person centred care planning process

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

The Care Vision digital care home management system places the person in residential care at the centre of operations. All relevant information regarding the person is stored securely in one place so that it can be easily accessed by those who have the authority to do so. Key details around allergies, medication regimes, medical conditions, likes and dislikes and more are digitally stored so they can be cross-checked and updated as required. This digital approach enhances security and helps care home managers ensure that each resident receives personalised, dignified and responsive care and attention.

Family care app: keep in touch with family

Entrusting a loved one to a residential care home can be a difficult step for many families to take. Help reassure the families of your residential care home by investing in reliable, efficient family care and visitor management system. Care Vision keeps track of visitors and loved ones’ movements, as well as any individual requests, comments and feedback from residents’ families. Care Vision can keep track of communications between families and care home managers so that any issues that arise are fully documented and accounted for.

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process
- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

What Our Customers Are Saying?


Due to their background in health and social care, they spoke our language, wanted to build long lasting relationships, and supported us to move with ease from paper records to a cloud-based Care Management system.

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Ruth Moore

Director of Quality, Clinical Governance & Risk Fairlie Healthcare Group


Care Vision has been a part of We Care Group for the last 18 months. We have used electronic care planning systems in many of our homes for a number of years but after seeing Care Vision we knew this would take our care planning process from good to outstanding.

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Charlotte Cole

Regional Care Quality Nurse at We Care Group


"I have worked as a carer for over 20 years and for most of that time we had to keep hand-written paper records for all our residents. If an accident happened, we would have to complete an accident form, update the family, the management, make records in daily notes and the communication book… all this took up lots of time and sometimes the rest of the staff wouldnt even read the communication book! Now we're using Care Vision everything has changed, for starters I spend about half the time writing records. It let's me spend more time with my residents and I do think I've given them better help"

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Susan Brown

Senior Carer at Oatlands Care Home


“We all know running a care home is really challenging. For me, keeping staff in check and ensuring that they are actually doing the work they say they’re doing used to be a big problem. With Care Vision I can see how much the carers are doing on the floors and it's easier to see if records like night checks are being falsified. It's taken away a lot of the stress we used to get from doing paperwork and handover is a lot easier now. I feel like we definitely have more time on our hands for the residents.”

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Dr Sandeep Kapur

GP st Trinity Medical Centre


The carers have taken to Care Vision like a duck to water and the information that they are gathering is streets ahead of the previous system we used… we are very impressed and the customer service is outstanding. The support department of Care Vision is always on hand to sort out any issues, their knowledge is outstanding and they make it easy to understand – nothing is ever any trouble. I highly recommend taking a look at this system if you are wanting to meet your quality standards and CQC requirements.

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Charlie Mason

Registered manager and director of Summerhayes Care

Smart Digital

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Accounts is an essential part of any business.

Family App

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Efficient and long-term care planning

- Care Apps for Care Planning Process

Over time, a care home resident could require a large amount of paperwork. Medication tracking, hospital stays, doctors’ visits, dietary changes and more – it is vital to stay up to date for your care home residents’ current state of health, personal preferences and needs. Care Vision allows you to build up a comprehensive picture of each resident’s time with you, their medical history and support networks. Going digital does away with the need for paperwork, which can get lost or mislaid more easily. Secure digital systems also help care home managers remain compliant with GDPR and CQC legislation over the longer term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01What is a care app?

The Care Vision app is a digital care home management system that combines all relevant admins, logistics and record-keeping tools into one, cloud-based piece of software. It take the place of cumbersome paper-based systems, including staff rota management, visitor records, medicine tracking forms and dietary requirement sheets. Care Vision can be accessed remotely, making it easier for multi-site care management companies to oversee the facilities operating under their control.

02What are the principles of care planning?

Care planning must be personalised to retain the dignity and empowerment of the person who is being cared for. People should be able to retain their human rights and be responsible as far as possible for their own medical and social care decisions. Proposed care plans should be made with the person’s best interests at heart and in the least restrictive way possible in order to meet their needs and protect their health and wellbeing. Blanket approaches to care are not recommended due to the above considerations.

03Why is a digital app important for the care planning process?

Digital technology is a major part of our lives. It has replaced paper-based admin for many operations. As such, converting to a digital app for care management enables carte home managers to keep pace with key IT developments and to use them to benefit their operations. From enhanced data protection and privacy for residents to more streamlined admin, easier staff, and visitor management and remote access to key data, the advantages are many when compared with more traditional, paper-based systems and record-keeping.