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The many advantages of using the Care Vision mobile app

Mobile technology has moved rapidly, quickly making itself at home across a large number of our routine tasks and interactions at home and at work. Covid-19 forced lots of us to upskill rapidly when it came to things like video conferencing and remote working. Many of these changes have stuck with us, even after we have hopefully seen the back of Covid-19 restrictions. While many people returned to desktop working with a sigh of relief, others have found that their work productivity has soared and their quality of life improved simply through being able to carry on working on the move, via internet-enabled software and apps.

Crucial for carers

The rise of internet-enabled devices and improved connectivity has proven hugely helpful for people whose careers require them to spend a lot of time on the go. One such group is carers who regularly travel between private clients to provide health and social care services. There are also other carers who work out of care homes with two or more separate facilities, which they travel between over the course of their working day.

For carers, being able to keep in touch with the rest of their team at all times is helpful for sharing information and updating records in real time. Having instant mobile app access to medical histories of patients or care home residents during an emergency, even if they are physically managed from a different location, can quite literally be life-saving.

Best of both worlds

The beauty of using a care management software system like Care Vision is that it provides the best of both worlds – desktop functionality and mobile app flexibility. While carers who need to take their work records with them can benefit hugely from the app, admin staff, managers and others who spend more time in the office can access the exact same system from their desktop computers.

Information can be shared between both groups of people in real-time, meaning that colleagues’ physical locations become less and less key to work being completed and care home residents properly looked after. In addition, office-based staff and managers can access parts of the system that mobile carers may not be able to. This allows managers to keep certain details and data confidential, such as payroll and HR records, staff holiday requests and residents’ financial arrangements.

Key benefits of a mobile app

Planning activities, scheduling staff and overseeing procurement, invoicing and more takes up a lot of time for care home managers. Being able to work on these important, yet time-consuming areas anywhere and at any time can really help with routines and time management. Staff can access the system to input their availability for work, holiday requests etc.

wherever they are too, doing away with the need for lengthy emails, phone calls or having to wait until the whole team is together in one place to sort such details out in person.

Essential details can be updated easily too, across all platforms at once. This ensures that all staff are working with the same data and receiving updates simultaneously. This enhances safety for the residents and patients, as their carers will be using accurate, up-to-date data to inform their ongoing treatment plans and medication regimes.

Digital records can also be enhanced hugely by having date stamps automatically applied to every update and change entered onto the system, via desktop and mobile app. Audits are made a lot more straightforward with this added functionality. Care home managers can keep track of where their staff are and what they are doing at each location more easily. Patient data is far less likely to get lost or not updated at shift handovers, as people won’t have to go to a specific desktop computer or paper-based record to make their entries – they can do it on the mobile app from wherever they happen to be at the end of their task or shift.

All in all, having access to a mobile app connected to a digital care management system will provide employees with an easier, more productive work experience. It will also enhance patient and resident safety and protect confidential and sensitive data, all while providing full functionality on the move, 24/7.

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