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Reminder! Digital Social Care funding still available to support a move from paper records to digital care management

Back in 2022, the Care Vision team wrote a guide about how to ‘go digital’ and switch from paper-based records to specialist care management software. You can read it here . Since then, we have been delighted to welcome several new clients to the Care Vision family. Our expert team has helped them get going on our comprehensive, intuitive digital care management system and supported their move from paper-based records to our easy-to-use app. We regularly run free demonstrations to show people what to expect before asking them to commit.

If, however, you are yet to make the move to digital care management, the time to do so could be right now. A large part of our ‘guide to going digital’ centred on funding made available by an organisation called Digital Social Care that works in conjunction with the NHS Transformation Directorate (formerly NHSX) and NHS Digital. The initiative has been designed to encourage care providers to switch over to using digital care management system. Not to mention support them in automating their records and finding digital ways to share essential updates, protect sensitive data and future-proof key admin, reporting and auditing tools.

Funding applications open until March 2024

Funding has been set aside to help care providers make the move. The UK Government set a target of having at least 80% of care providers to have digital social care records in place by March 2024 – now only a matter of weeks away. A list of NHS approved suppliers was drawn up to help people choose the right supplier for them. This list, now more commonly known as the ‘accredited supplier list’, includes Care Vision and our leading care management software.

Criteria that suppliers had to meet to be included on this list were exacting and wide ranging. We had to ensure that our system supports person-led care planning and that it can capture, sort and store data securely and logically. Approved systems have to provide effective task planning functionality and easy access to data for authorised users. Finally, reports and audits must be easily created and retrieved for long-term transparency and quality standards compliance.

Now, with March rapidly approaching, we are keen to remind people that the deadline for applying for funding through the Digital Social Care programme is also not far away. Funding was made available through the adult social care technology fund. Care providers have been able to apply for a share to help with initial set up and subscription costs.

Suppliers like Care Vision have been offering help and support to care providers keen to find out if they are eligible for this financial support. Applications have been processed and approved on a rolling basis and have helped multiple care settings access sophisticated digital care management software and digital support. Exact amounts and duration of funding will depend entirely on the care provider’s size, location (Local Authority), precise requirements and the type of services they provide.

More about digital transformation

The Government is keen to support care provider with going digital for a number of key reasons. Firstly, it is to help people have their health and medical needs met more effectively to prevent escalation causing more serious and costly issues further down the line. It is to reduce health disparities and make access to person-led care easier. Finally, it is intended that the funding will help improve resident and patient care and transform NHS performance across the board.

Eligible care providers can access funding through their local ICS, or Integrated Care System. These are allocated according to geographical location and will be able to offer further advice and instructions about how to apply. Each ICS can establish their own priorities and procedures around the application process. You can find your local ICS online here. The benefits of switching from paper to digital care management are multiple. From enhanced data protection to security to easier storage; quicker and more accurate updating to 24/7 remote access, care staff are reporting huge benefits to using cloud-based software like Care Vision. The system also makes auditing and compliance easier, thanks to its ability to collate reports and keep track of updates and additions in real time.

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