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Good Housekeeping: How to Keep Your Care Home Clean and Tidy

Maintaining excellent hygiene standards in a care home is, of course, essential to protect the health of vulnerable residents. A tidy, well-kept care home is also easier to manage for staff, who are busy enough carrying out their caring duties without having to worry about hygiene emergencies or potential trip hazards. As the recent COVID-19 pandemic showed, cleanliness is a powerful tool to keep germs and at bay and protect people’s health. It is also a requirement of health and safety legislation that care homes be clean and hygienic for the benefit of those who live, work and visit there.

One way to keep on top of cleaning and housekeeping is to employ an external company, or in-house cleaners to manage this for you. However, there may be times when the service is unavailable, or you wish to do some extra cleaning on top, ahead of a special occasion, for example. You can also cut costs of hiring professional cleaners if you are willing and able to keep on top of some of the basics yourselves.

The good news is that it is easy to establish an excellent cleaning regime that will ensure that all areas are looked after and kept spotlessly clean. It just takes a little planning and forethought to get everything right from the start. One good way to divide up the housekeeping tasks is to work out what needs doing several times per day, only once a day, weekly and monthly. To follow are some suggestions of the type of jobs or cleaning routines that could fall into these categories.

Several times per day

This type of job is essential for keeping on top of any rubbish, food waste, bodily fluids and other types of mess that could become dangerous to health if not cleared away ASAP. They are also important to present a welcoming, clean environment for anyone inside the care home. These include emptying bins when they become close to full, disposing of food waste appropriately and sorting recycling items (plastic bottles, glass jars, cardboard boxes…) into the right containers for collection as soon as they are ready to be thrown away. Also cleaning kitchens and bathrooms regularly, especially around showers/baths, sinks and cooking areas. Sanitising flat surfaces and clearing away any clutter.

Once a day

As well as the above jobs, these type of housekeeping tasks should feature on a daily cleaning list for a busy care home. Mopping kitchen and bathroom floors and vacuuming the carpets in public areas and private bedrooms. Also, disinfecting urinals and toilets, refilling soap dispensers, changing tea towels, dish cloths and hand towels. Wiping mirrors and glass panes to remove fingerprints and keep the surfaces shiny and spot free. Spray air freshener to keep furnishings and rooms smelling nice. Open the windows, if possible, to let in some fresh air. Make a list of daily tasks and tick items off as they are completed.


Weekly jobs are extremely important as, if they are neglected for one week, they can quickly become a much larger chore. These are the kinds of tasks that help you show your care home at its best. Getting rid of dust, polishing wooden surfaces (taking care not to create slip hazards) and cleaning the windows and entryways will all help you give a good first impression to visitors. Sanitise all bins and lids to keep them as hygienic as possible and wipe down phones, computer keyboards, consoles and other communal resources. Clean the inside of the fridge, microwave and oven. Completely change all sheets and bedding and check around the care home for any repairs that need doing.


When it comes to planning monthly housekeeping jobs in a care home, you will need to set aside time to complete them. Add a diary entry on the same day or week each month so that you know you will have time to devote to these less frequent, but still important cleaning jobs. Use the time to vacuum furniture and fabrics and clean out the dust from vents, radiators, skirting boards and shutters. Wipe down window frames and doors and check the exterior of the care home for dirt or damage. Clean harder-to reach spots like ceilings, picture rails, roof fans and gutters. Check oven and air purifier filters and change them as required. Please note that the above are not comprehensive housekeeping task lists, but some ideas to get you started. Full checklists and further hints and tips are readily available online.

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