Care Planning App for Windows

Digital Care Planning and Management

Care Vision’s care plan software provides a simple and efficient way to plan and maintain care delivery without paperwork or time-consuming administration. Our platform provides home carers with faster and ease of access to individual information, timelines, medication, and notes via desktop. It also allows them to keep track of their residents’ data in one place.

It can help provide care managers and the care staff with the expertise they need to deliver truly person-centred care to the individuals they are caring for. A carer can access entire care records from just one tap, allowing them to understand individual needs properly. It can assist caregivers, and their residents to make stronger bonds, have positive experiences, and deliver exceptional care.

Our Digital Care Management Software Benefits

The Care Vision software helps you to keep an account of your resident’s demands and expectations. It can help you develop a person-centred care plan that appropriately reflects their needs and priorities. In your resident’s profiles, you can keep track of things like their personal preferences and valuable information for their well-being. Among all its features, it can:

- Care Planning App for WindowsBe Accessible at all times.

- Care Planning App for WindowsBuild person-led care plans.

- Care Planning App for WindowsSend out Review alerts automatically.

- Care Planning App for WindowsKeep track of current provided care.

- Care Planning App for WindowsKeep Digital access Safe and Secure.

- Care Planning App for WindowsUpdate each person’s records regularly.

- Care Planning App for WindowsMake rotas, process payroll, and keep track of training.

Our care management solution is designed to help you update your practices and manage your staff more effectively. Our software is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing you to access your digital care planner wherever and whenever you need it. It enables you to devote your time to the most crucial task and help provide the best possible care to individuals.

Why Choose Our Care Management Software?

Our care management software is a great way to start if you are thinking of switching from paper-based records management to a more updated digital system. You can view and update care plans, and prescribed medications, update a person’s records, and make audits – all in the same software. It can also provide care professionals access to many useful and informative features.

However, care staff that uses our digital care planning software can devote more time to their residents, whilst staying confident that essential quality parameters are being fulfilled. However, our all-in-one solution can help you improve your care organization, from income management to decision support systems, to employment and compliance.

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