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Care Planning App for Tablets

Digital Care Planning Through Tablets

The Care Vision planning software is a complete care management solution that can be easily accessed through tablets. Our care management app is an efficient choice if you want to shift from traditional, paper-based record keeping towards a modern, digital approach.

Now, care homes can provide better quality services more effectively by streamlining their administration with Care Vision. It can help fill in care gaps and improve the quality of care whilst lowering healthcare costs and risks.

Our Care Vision tablet app is useful in residential care homes with multiple tablet stations so employees can access data anytime, wherever they need it. It provides a user-friendly platform, whilst giving access to carers to see and update information on tablets at the point of care.

Benefits of Using Our Care Planning App

Care Vision for tablets is a comprehensive solution that can assist you in transforming your care organization. You can simply access care plans, medication management, and make or do audits. It can help give care professionals access to a broader range of helpful features:

- Care Planning App for TabletsMaintain a record of each individual’s well-being.

- Care Planning App for TabletsAccess to individual data at any time, anywhere.

- Care Planning App for TabletsAn update on each resident’s record on a regular basis.

- Care Planning App for TabletsSchedules are updated in real-time.

- Care Planning App for TabletsEasy to record and edit all care information.

- Care Planning App for TabletsElectronic medication functionality (eMAR)

Our care management app can help simplify procedures and deliver a comprehensive set of key features, all from a single source. It is designed to assist you in modernizing your care operations and managing your staff more effectively.

Our user-friendly software, compatible with all types of tablet devices, fundamentally transforms your administrative operations. It offers you more time to focus on the most important things that matter and helps provide person-led care.

Why Choose Our Care Management App?

With digital care plans in place, updates can be recorded and shared quickly, ensuring high-quality care. Moreover, carers and family members can maintain a good relationship using our care planning software. It can improve service satisfaction, whilst also reducing the confusion that can lead to complaints and conflict.

We are familiar with the demands made in the social care sector and what care professionals need in a care management software. That is why we developed our own system based on our expertise. With a single tap, you can assess and modify care plans, audits, rotas, and current medications of residents.

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