Understanding the challenges of running a care service, important and intelligent decisions need to be made regarding allocation of the team. Making sure your service users are sufficiently and safely supported and that is extended to the team members feeling like they have enough rest and the right balance of the team in-between tiring shifts. We also need to make sure our people are paid in accordance with hours worked, contractual obligations and government guidelines. We need to also monitor and record attendance, absence, sickness, maternity, paternity and annual leave. In a fast paced, ever-changing environment, team members might not come to shift and arranging cover this can also impact on management time. Employees also need to make requests and plan for Holidays, but you don’t want this to impact on working time. Care Vision Rota includes Staff App where your people can track their ROTA and make important requests, also providing access to important information about the workplace and wages.

Arrange Rota in departments or floors. Create custom shifts with ease, using colors to highlight departments with other formatting options.

  • Keep track of all ROTA hours. Use multiple pay rates for staff that work in different positions. Copy and clear function to make it easy to format and save time
  • Drag and drop shifts and receive notifications of clashes. Easy to track and mark changes made to the ROTA
  • Pay bank holiday and special occasion enhancements
  • Staff app to track personal ROTA and hours management, make requests and book holiday
  • Attendance report gives a live update of people that have not reported to work or who have come late
  • Link with payroll packages including export.
  • Bradford factor, ROTA and annual leave audits and reports
  • Ensure you meet ROTA allocation that works for your home, set parameters to identify if you are short on a shift through ROTA targets