HR - Solutions


Recruitment and Training have direct effect on service quality. This is yet another important facet to a successful and supportive care service. Ensuring all members of the team are compliant and safe when caring for vulnerable service users is paramount. Making sure your personnel have the required legal status in order to work in the UK and this can be monitored, followed up and recorded effectively and easily. When we are inspected CQC/ CIW and other regulators look to identify and evidence a culture of values, quality assurance and ongoing improvement. Gathering feedback and improvement are often key factors in attaining outstanding rating. Training of your team members and how this plays a part in your organization and impacts on overall quality of service and life for all involved. Looking after your team in times of pandemic and intense pressure is also important to evidence that you do this from a regulation perspective but also for your team to know they can depend on you.

  • Keep up to date with all mandatory and other training for all your team members using the Electronic Training Matrix
  • Linked to Employee Module including profile, recruitment checks, correspondence including disciplinary warnings
  • Record and evidence supervision
  • Track data and improvement of team members through Employee stats
  • Electronic employee easily accessible and protected through permission settings
  • Hub of Video tutorials and training materials supporting good practice.
  • Store Policies and Procedures for the organization on the cloud allowing core values and practice to be easily refreshed and accessed through Care Vision